Blue whales swimming among humans

Blue whales swimming among

The collection of photographs features stunning images of blue whales and sperm whales with Marianne freediver Aventurier

The photos were taken by Alex and Alex Voyer Roubaud, a duo who specialize in photographing the wonders of the deep.


Aventurier said swim with a blue whale was ‘one of their wildest dreams and inaccessible’


These amazing pictures were taken while the whales in Sri Lanka.

The collection features stunning images of blue whales and besides sperm whales Aventurier Marianne freediver who spent 40 hours at sea to capture your movie moments with them.


The spectacular shots were taken by friends Alex and Alex Voyer Roubaud, a duo from Paris that specialize in photographing the wonders of the deep under the name fisheye.


Speaking of the experience once in-a-lifetime Marianne said: “One of our wildest and most inaccessible dream was to swim with the blue whale.


If you contact a travel agency in Sri Lanka, which had previously used whales, they were asked on cetaceans in Sri Lanka and were highly motivated to visit after they know that “animals are particularly numerous this year.”


They rented a boat, obtained authorization

Aventurier added: “We were lucky to find a large group of sperm whales.They could be as 15 subjects divided into groups, but quite close to each other.


‘The goal was to be in the water so you feel less afraid to do more stunning photos.


“Some slept, most were a little deeper and one of them stopped to see us for a few minutes.”


He lowered his tail and did not move. I was captivated by his interest for us, that’s the kind of moment that only worsened my addiction to cetaceans. After standing still, he tried to dive me, but been less successful because it made him flee.


“And the best came last – the blue whale.

‘Finally, between 40 hours at sea, we were able to look into the eyes of a blue whale twice. Forty hours to a few seconds of meeting, but it was worth.


‘The first time the whale was in the polling process, which was very fast but [soon slowed] and watched us before disappearing into the ocean depths.


‘My heartbeat was strong injection of adrenaline, I apologize to the whale stress that we have probably caused.


These animals have no rancor, it is a purely human feeling. Especially after all the massacres that have suffered, it is a real problem.


‘The second meeting was held after ten water discharges without success. We knew that the whale was coming towards us, I thought, “which is still in bad shape,” and I was planning my return to the boat when suddenly I came face to face with her.


“She came to me. I moved in search of his eye, it is not easy to find the eye in such large animals. She is covered with remora (suckerfish), which is sublime.


“I feel on top of it and see that wags its tail strangely. I’m afraid I think we’re going to hit with his tail because at that time a boat followed. In fact, it turned only because we were in front of her. I regretted having been afraid ‘.