Bella Thorne is in love with a girl?

Bella Thorne is in love with a girl? (Picture)

They’ve jumped the alarms! Bella Thorne has started a relationship with a woman like Cara Delevingne did in his day? I Check it out here!

Besides being two of the undisputed queens of the festival Coachella, Bella Thorne and Cara Delevingne have many things in common that will not go unnoticed for you or for anyone. What is it? Bella could have said “bye, bye” to Gregg Sulkin to start a relationship like Cara. Do you remember the day when the model shouted from the rooftops that no longer interested because the boys had fallen in love with St. Vincent? It was an unforgettable moment in our lives. Will it be repeated soon? Maybe. Bella Thorne not to share photos on his Instagram account in which he looks very happy next to a girl. Who is it about? In meltyfan what you have at the end of the news!

Bella Thorne

Uy, uy, uy what our eyes are seeing! Bella Thorne hand of a woman enjoying life. Where is Gregg Sulkin?If our calculations and our view did not fail us, the boyfriend of the girl it could be quietly on the couch because Bella wants it too. Do not worry about anything. The socialite has not betrayed the mysterious and stylish girl who goes back in the picture. Bella Thorne, in addition to essential items in his closet, has a sister film. Welcome to our lives Dani Thorne! We are convinced that you and Bella Thorne going to make a decent family duo Kendall and Kylie Jenner! What do you think samples Thorne love of women?





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