Believe it or not, this supermodel is 61!

Advertising is often highly sexualized, mainly with young models, but there are also models that are already considered a little older, as Yazemeenah Rossi . You may not believe it, but this beautiful model, visual artist and photographer is 61 years old. But you knew that already, because previously talked about his incredible talent .

This time we present photographs that are part of their collaboration for the campaign swimwear shop online The Dreslyn and home underwear Land of Woman . According to Brooke Taylor Corcia, founder of Dreslyn , the purpose of the session is to eliminate the hypersexualized image of lines of existing bathing suits.

He chose Rossi as a model for being a woman with health and vitality, in addition to the great confidence he projects. Her image is that of a woman who has lived in the best possible way, intelligent and knows how to shine anywhere.

Believe it or not, Yazemeenah Rossi is 61 years old

And it shows that swimsuit models do not have to be young

She is a model, visual artist and photographer

Recently she was part of a campaign for bathing suits

The purpose of the session is to eliminate the hypersexual image of the models

Rossi was chosen because it radiates joviality, sensuality and confidence

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