Before you a bob cut you should take into account these aspects so amazing luzcas

Make the cut that is fashionable may have its pros and cons, because not everything in life is always rosy, because it turns out that you are motivated to do it because you saw this actress who was perfect, however did not take into account the structure of your hair every morning and ended up hating what he wore fluffed with that cut.

So that these things do not happen, better keep in mind these recommendations tell you why yes and why you should make the court that all we love, especially opted for more tousled styles and relaxed hair, as the bob.

In favor

Excellent for those with three hairs

Taylor Swift a bob cut.

If you have little hair this cut you’ll be super good, as it will give some volume on the back of the head and some other body hair. If your hair is very smooth, choose a layered bob cut is the best you could do.

It is very versatile

Bob cut in different personalities.

The best thing about this style is that there is only one type of bob, but you can make it shorter or longer, with or without bangs, add or remove layers depending on your face and your hair type; it is best to seek the guidance of a professional before doing so.

It is easy to fix

Marion with her bob cut.

A short hair requires half a long hair care: you can wash more easily and quickly, and also save on products for hair care; something with long hair would be impossible, since the same time it is mistreating and drying.

It goes well with all kinds of faces

Several celebrities bob cut.

No matter if your face is heart-shaped, is oval or pear-shaped; this cut is adapted to the natural lines of the face, so you can get the one that suits you.


Finish with a helmet without shape or background

Curly-haired girl with bob cut.

If your hair is curly or has too much or a lot of volume and you do not come with a real professional, I could look like a helmet without shape or background with this cut. What is recommended in these cases is that the layered bob going to make it right.

Maintenance required

Japanese unkept a bob cut.

For this cut look good tweaking must be sick, because when the hair grows tends to be uneven.

You have to comb

Actress with a bob cut too despeindado.

Although it is a cut that looks pretty good, it is not magic; mandatorily must be combed to look good, unless your hair is smooth (and sometimes even require pasadita); if you do not have time to do so this cut is not for you.