Before he died, Paul Walker gave an expensive ring a couple and they always remember

Paul Walker made the dream of a young couple come true just over 10 years ago, and even after his death there are people who remember this generous gesture. In 2004, the young veteran Kyle Upham and his girlfriend Kristen seeking an engagement ring in a jewelry store in Santa Barbara, just before Kyle was sent to Iraq for the second time. Along with a young man, were the only customers at that time.

The stranger approached as the couple watched the rings and every time I chose one encouraged them to choose a larger one, but the boys told him he was out of your budget. As they continued talking, they realized that it was the actor.

Couple posing for photo

Kyle told the star of Fast and Furious that was about to return to Iraq and that before leaving, wanted to give her an engagement ring to his girlfriend. Kristen recalls Walker’s face was transformed to hear that Kyle was a soldier. A few minutes later, the couple said goodbye to Walker and left the store without the ring, it completely exceeded its budget.

engagement ring

It did not take long and one of the saleswomen called by name in the street and ran to where they were, with a bag in hand. “Here’s your ring,” he said, as the surprised couple did not understand what was happening. When they tried to investigate who was the generous benefactor who gave them the ring of $ 9,000, the store staff just smiled.

The identity of the anonymous benefactor was released after the actor’s death in 2013, when Irene King, former employee of jewelry, realized that he had no case to secrecy. Years later that day, he said that after the couple left without the ring jewelry they liked, Walker asked the manager who will add it to your account and insisted that the gesture was anonymous.

Paul Walker

When Kristen and Kyle knew who was the author of such a generous gift, they could not but be moved. “When the ring pass from generation to generation in our family, there is always a story to tell.”