Beauty is in the eye of the beholder: make-up artist creates designs on the eyelids story

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder: make-up artist creates designs on the eyelids story

Such make-up artist creates the intricate designs Pegel eyes. His designs are inspired by films like Frozen and Mary Poppins.

Story drawings recreate scenes and characters from iconic films.


The Israeli artist has more than 271,000 followers on Instagram.

Tal Peleg eyes tell a story. There are tales of female heroism, make believe worlds and mythical creatures.


The talent make-up artist recreates scenes and characters from fairy tales iconic eyelids.


Ms Peleg is a visual artist from Israel, with a passion for photography, makeup and design.


It is a combination of these skills that allow you to create intricate scenes in their own eyes wearing makeup, which it shares with its 271,000 Instagram  followers.


One incredible designs draws Frozen Elsa, the blonde heroine iconic painted just below the eyebrow.

To set the scene, Ms. Peleg her lower lashes painted white and made a white winged liner to give the illusion of snow.

She continued with a blue shadow to draw clouds, and even painted his eyebrow a light shade of blue to create the sky above Elsa.


The look was completed with crystal stones glued to the lower lashes, the outer part of the eye and eyebrow to give a cold feeling.


In another design that attracted Dorothy and Toto from the Wizard of Oz, the work of art featuring the yellow brick road extending from its upper lashes to the crease in the eyelid to meet the city of Oz.

To complete the look, she made a rainbow design on your lower lashes.


Ms Peleg draw your own designs eyelid.


In each caption that puts a summary of the design and the products you use.


Each piece of striking art uses a range of cosmetics, eyeliners and brushes to create.


MailOnline designs presented previously by Ms. Peleg, whose next Instagram has gone from 9,000 to 271,000 in two years.