The leggings are already required clothes in the closet of every girl, and is unforgivable that among all this collection does not have at least one black. They are the most basic, versatile and coolest thing ever invented.

And these are the most basic ways to use them.

For lazy days

We all have days when we just want enfundarnos in a good and comfortable pants, but also want to look good not so fachosas. Well that’s what the black leggings. Use them with sweatshirt, enjoy the comfort without sacrificing sensuality.

lazy days

with top

I know that leggings tend to be somewhat adjusted by the spring and tend to make rolls. But if you do not care or do not have love handles you can use with top.

leggings top

For work

They are ideal for use with slippers and an elegant blazer. Try it, I swear you will not regret.

leggings work

In the gym

It always happens that you run out of clothes to the gym because you forgot to wash it. Well your black leggings can come to save you.

emergency gym

All black

The black is always option when dressed. And a look where predominates, seems occasionally. So do not complicate and use your black leggings.

allblack look

With rain boots

The jeans are a problem when putting them in the boots. But they never will resist leggings. They are ideal on rainy days.

leggings rain

Instead of stockings

The dresses are not prohibited in winter, they can be used with socks.But sometimes it’s so cold that average being so skinny we do not protect at all. Then use your leggings that’s why they are here.

dress and leggings

with smocks

No other garment with long blouses that look better. In addition your black leggings will facilitate the task of combining.

Bluson leggings

For a classic look

And a classic look simply can not despise. Black leggings, tennis, white blouse and denim jacket.

classic look