Asperger single dad who abandoned by his best friend, now is such networks

Single parenthood is one of the hardest things that can happen any young person who is with few tools. And now imagine being a single parent and Asperger syndrome suffer and have no support.

This young American shared his life story in a parenting blog on Facebook called Love What Matters, immediately becoming one of the most loved and admired parents in the world. Since after his wife left him for his best friend and left him alone with his newborn daughter. The father managed to overcome adversity and went ahead with the responsibility of raising his daughter named Faith. Read the letter he shared on the blog and know your whole story.

Faith means ‘faith’ and changed my life:

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“You know, all my life I have fought against emotion, friendships, relationships, facial expressions; and how many with Asperger, although these things are present in our lives, the reality is that they are not easy to understand or develop. My daughter Faith changed my life, was the first and only time I understood what love was. I remember the pregnancy, she was just a lump in the body of my girlfriend, just that and nothing more. And you think I’m cool to say that. But as the saying goes, “If a tree falls in the forest, does it make noise? ‘. Well I did not see baby, the truth was more concerned about changes in my routine whenever Faith how soon come into my life.

So things started shopping for baby: ‘clothing for the bulk, and a cot’, I said. Sometimes I tried to imagine, and yet it is supposed that my condition makes me a person with greater ability to imagine the rest, the truth is that I had no luck nor could imagine my daughter. I saw only my life spiraled out of control, like your favorite brand of potato chips flavored salt and vinegar packaging change color from blue to green. So great was the shock that was.

When the day came, when the contractions started, I already felt ready for the ‘bulge’, so grab bag we had prepared before heading to take to the hospital. I was arriving! And I would be a father. And after a long silence, the nurse revealed under a blanket bloodied something that would change my life. There was the baby, and looked as if in slow motion and nothing else existed. When loaded, all negativity left my body. ”

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“It was Dad! It was the proudest man on earth. Shortly afterwards, maybe a month, I found out that Hannah, my girlfriend, I was leaving my then ‘best friend’, and Faith would leave me. It was hard, I did not know what to do. Faith alone my princess with an idiot (I). I hated who I was and what I had! And my parents told me to deliver it for adoption. The tenderest thing they told me. So I laid on the couch, no more than Faith in my arms, she looked into my eyes and took my finger, I understood there was only me and answer: ‘I’ll never let go’.

I left my two jobs the next day, I applied application for government support. He was going to do, we were Faith and me against the world. And although it was hard, we did. Wonder what it feels to be a man with Asperger syndrome and raise a child is probably the most difficult thing I’ve experienced in my life. The cries were unbearable because my sensory problems were always on the edge, my depression got worse, neither slept nor ate, only took care of my child. “

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“There were times shouting after taking her to sleep. I locked myself in the bathroom and cried dressed in the tub until I fell asleep. Asperger We need a break, I did not support or safe haven. Faith was there when he slept and when I woke up, and even followed me into the bathroom. But I used the best weapon of Asperger logic. And babies love routine, put mealtimes, bath, a bedtime story and ‘daddy good night’. So with time everything became easier.

Now I do her hair, dress cute shape, and even go shopping together. She tells me about her fears and what she likes. It may never be the perfect dad, but I have tried and I truly love with every fiber of my being, and I know she to me too. Faith taught me about unconditional love.She depends on me forever. That’s a long time, so I recovered my work, I went to college while she was in kindergarten. And that’s how things just improved for us. “