Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis will make you believe your children are poor. And the reason is great

“Money will not buy happiness” is so typical and cliche phrase that will surely got boring. And of course, if you read every day in articles, comments Facebook , messages psychologists, and pillars of political, clearly exhausted. However, prayer is quite true. Many people are moving towards the labor and economic success believing that there find happiness. It is false, but surely you know that too. 

What, however, I’m sure you’ve never heard, it is that two billionaires parents tell their children that, in reality, they are poor. Does it make sense?

Well, if you think everything sometimes hard to earn things, of course it does. There are countless children growing convinced that money appears magically and when the time to work comes, everything becomes very frustrating . 

In a context of life as with Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher , where luxury cars, mansions, expensive clothes, etc. abound Children naturally grow convinced they will never miss anything. However, sometimes that is a serious problem.

It is a problem because when all needs are met, children do not feel the “hunger” by set goals and move towards achieving “goals”. It is always good that something is missing. That will be an engine that will mobilize and work for us get what we want.

Well, the Hollywood couple well knows . Moreover, they themselves have pointed out that the method with which they will raise their children, will be the austerity and simplicity.

“We will teach them from an early age, although Mom and Dad have money, they are poor , “ saidMila Kunis . And clearly they are not just words. They themselves have adopted a simple lifestyle.Their engagement rings cost only $ 100. (Low score in relation to what one sees every day in the world of celebrities).

 “We both have very humble beginnings and have grown to be quite poor , “ he added the actress. “They did not gave away nothing, we had to learn to look for life.”

Dad, can I have money to buy me an ice cream?