Are you sure you’re washing your hair well?

Are you sure you're washing your hair well?

It is likely that every time you go to a beauty salon finish happy because you feel your hair soft as silk.But not always wrong with you! This is not coincidence. Hairdressers know how to wash and condition your hair the right way  So take note of these tips to show off the hair you really want:

Uses your fingertips to wash

Apply a medium pressure with your fingers so that you stimulate the scalp and grow faster.

Do not do a lot of strength when you wash


Or will stimulate oil secretion of the sebaceous glands and get a lot more oily hair. If you press your fingers with much force you will break the cuticles of your hair.

And do not let the shampoo go through the tips

Distribute the money in your head using your fingertips, but only at the root. Let the foam only reach the tips because if you apply directly, it will dry faster.

It incorporates treatments to nourish hair


And apply them at least once a week. Your hair needs a dose of hydration and extra growth to support a healthy nutrition. And remember that the more hydrated you have, the less frizz have.

Never brush your after shower

In case you did not know, your hair is more fragile when wet, so it is better than when it is already dry comb or a comb with coarse bristles, which are less aggressive to your wet hair.

Wash your hair with warm water


With very hot water, the only thing you will achieve is that the scalp is damaged, dry and dulling. And even better if you finish your washing with cold water, because this closes the cuticles and help you have a more silky and shiny hair.

And do not forget to use a shampoo for your hair type

Looking for that special product for your particular case, depending on whether your hair is dry, damaged, smooth, fragile, curly, thin or dyed. If you choose the right get the hair you want!

Now you know! There is a right way to wash your hair to have it always shiny and silky, but also a product for your specific need:


If you also obsesses you your hair and do not know what the color of your Elvive  or what the specific need of your hair, enters, discover your color and learn to look extraordinary hair.

Off the hair you have, the hair you want!