Are you sure you know Deadpool?

Are you sure you know Deadpool? Here a little about their Latin roots

We can not have enough Deadpool . Actually, this antihero has gradually covered all means to tell us that his film is released in a few days. Whether to celebrate the day of love (or friendship in some countries) or simply be active with friends or alone, they will fill theaters to see the sarcastic mercenary on the big screen. That is a fact. To all this, did you know that Deadpool has Latin origins ? I will I talk about it here.

Fabian Nicieza

Congratulations:  Deadpool 25 years old and wants to celebrate with you!

Created in 1991 we are all clear that as Wolverine , this character comes fromCanada . Little do they know all is that one of its creators is Buenos Aires, Argentina . He called  Fabian Nicieza , moved to New Jersey, United States , since childhood. There he found his passion in Marvel Comics . He never thought I ‘d meet  Rob Liefeld , who would create some characters such as X-Force and Shatterstar . Suddenly a red face and deformed character came. One such Deadpool. Now is your creation more popular .

But let ‘s not stay there. Speaking of Deadpool and Latinos,  Morena Baccarin is Brazilian. That’s right , he was born in  Rio de Janeiro and moved to New York to seek fame. Now Vanessa Carlysle ‘s girlfriend Wade Wilson (Deadpool).

This film directed by Tim Miller takes crazy jokes Marvel dressed in red and black theaters. On February 12 prepared for the interpretation of Ryan Reynolds , who plays a role that fits like a glove. Ready to Deadpool ?