After you left me and although I miss you, I realize that I deserve much more than that

After you left me and although I miss you, I realize that I deserve much more than that

We met in the strangest way, we saw each other every day, but we were not interested … until we were. I want to say that I have not the slightest idea why date him the first time, what I am sure of is that it was not a big decision.

He was everything I wanted in life NO: sonso, disorganized, irresponsible, uneducated, and countless more defects, but know? He was very nice. His eyes were filled with light whenever he saw me, feel their hands in mine was a great feeling, n or there was nothing I liked more in this world than to see him smile , the time we spent together felt like seconds and despite we were totally opposite poles, itseemed that we work together.

And suddenly, just he started to walk away, slowly, subtly, almost trying that I would not notice, until he left . Until he left me standing there, with the last remaining exposed inside me, with pride trodden by his decision and with a huge hole in the chest.

Now only been a couple of weeks and I’ve thought about it, I promise you that I miss him every day and see so well without me is no easy task.

However, I realize that I deserve much more than that, I deserve more than you going to movies and concerts , rather than talks at a coffee shop or gone to a nightclub, I deserve much more than someone who is going when I asked him to stay . what really deserve is a person who know real things about me and no, I do not mean my birthday or my favorite color, but what are my dreams, what music I listen to when I’m sad or happy, they mean my eyes, to I have afraid , someone pass me on Sunday doing nothing but enjoy my presence. That I deserve in life a complete love, because it’s what I’m willing to give. And you, should not beg anyone’s love.

Today I just thank you that I’ve made feel with this intensity and help me remember how valuable I am to wait for someone who does not know if he loves me.

“My mother used to say that love is never wasted, but not get it back in the same way you deserve or want.

– Let it flow out – saying. Open your heart and do not be afraid you break it . They heal broken hearts.Protected hearts just turned to stone . “( Stokes, P., Rodríguez Barrena, M. and Rodriguez Palomo, I. (2012). The coffee Heartbreak Barcelona. Ediciones B.)