After reading this, you never put toilet paper in the bathroom.

After reading this, you never put toilet paper in the bathroom. Never

Public toilets are dirty quickly . It’s disgusting and we all know; more than once we have found an unpleasant surprise to enter one and sometimes the situation becomes so stinky that it seems that the desire to go to the bathroom they take away completely. Who would be used before us? Is it really possible to leave it dirty so quickly? Yes … So what to do?

The answer seems obvious; some toilet paper to prevent contact with bacteria solves everything, right? 

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According to a study that interviewed 528 clinic patients, 85% said they avoided contact Cup public toilets and urinated folding legs. 12% paper placed in the cup and only 2% dared to sit directly on it. 

Truth be told, cover the toilet with toilet paper it is not even close to being a good idea. In fact, what we can best do is leave everything as it is. Coverage bathrooms on which we sit is cleverly designed to repel germs. These prevent the bacteria from appropriating the place and even if you did not, prevent them from multiplying. After all, the bathrooms were designed to play a role, and do it .Toilet paper, however, is a different story.

The toilet paper is an area where germs can spread easily. The surface of this is a non-hostile place for bacteria and that’s much easier to settle there, rather than in the same coverage bath.

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So what happens is that appearances are deceiving. Toilet paper seems to be a solution to avoid contact of germs on our body, however, only draws. The only thing left to do it is to rely on human cleverness who designed the bathrooms to fulfill a function in specific, and they do so.

And you, what do you think about that?