According to science the smartest people enjoy their time more alone

According to science the smartest people enjoy their time more alone

When a person prefers to be alone often it suspects a case of depression, but this is no more than a prejudice. Actually there are cases of genuine taste for solitude and according to a study published in the journal British Journal of Psychology this preference may be related to a high IQ .

The findings are the result of a survey of 15,000 people aged 18 to 28 years covering questions about your lifestyle, how they socialize and happiness, among others.

Other findings relate to the higher levels of happiness among people living in rural areas.

For the “average person” one of the activities that provides more happiness are the frequent encounters with friends.

Apparently this is a legacy of the time when human ancestors lived in tribes, known as the “theory of happiness Savannah”.

Thus explained Satoshi Kanazawa, lead author of the report, The Huffington Post :

“To a large extent, the brain responds to the current environment as if it were an ancestral environment, as if we were still hunter-gatherers living in the African savannah.”

“The human brain, like any part of the body is evolutionarily designed to suit the conditions of the ancestral environment.”

Smarter people, therefore, would be able to adapt to new situations, such as living in a city, orfocusing on goals that can be achieved through working alone .

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