A sex worker decided to reveal how she combines her work and menstruation

“I’m curious to know how you handle your period. Do you feel comfortable working with her? “

Natalia Ferrari is a sex worker of 24 years and not ashamed of it, in fact, she says that she loves her job . Ferrari has a website which promotes not only their work, but also writes a blog and has a portfolio with photographs of her that, although they can be seen as “risque” are also quite artistic.


Recently she began collaborating with the Vice website which has a column called “Ask a whore” . Thus, without mincing words and leaving aside all taboos that this issue can generate, it is dedicated to answer the most curious and secret questions people may have about their work.

One of the most surprising and possibly offend people equally is the issue of how to manage your menstrual period while working . Does it do anything to stop it? Do you stop working those days? No, she goes out and does her thing as if it were any other day of the month . In fact, this was what answered the question:

“I’m curious to know how you handle your period. Do you feel comfortable working with her? “


This was his response:

“The most common way to manage menstruation at work is to use a menstrual sponge. You can have it in up to six hours, it is recommended to discard them after each use, it is not a contraceptive method, nor does it protect you against STDs: its function is to only absorb the blood and, in principle, you only know that you have it. They claim that you can easily withdraw them, but I have met a couple of times in the ER when I am unable to reach it with my fingers. Its effectiveness is questionable if you have an abundant flow. Another option is to share with the client that I am with the rule and see what they think. It seems to them that we’d better leave it for another day. ”

This is not surprising, especially considering that for some reason the subject seems to disgust both men and women alike (although, is it for both?). She added that she once had a bad experience with a client due to blood stains:

“Some men are more understandable than others with respect to menstruation and it is not a great inconvenience for them to suddenly find some blood, but for others it is a traumatic experience. Yes, wonderful male fragility. Years ago I had an appointment using the sponge and there were lost of flow while we fucked. His reaction to seeing the bloodstained condom was one of the worst experiences I’ve ever had in my work. Since then, I prefer to always comment before making the appointment because the sponges are not 100% effective. My clients pay to receive the experience I promise, and it does not include blood. ”


Natalia also discussed on this occasion, how you feel paying services to very old men , considering that she is quite young. For her there is “disgusting” or “undesirable” person and the subject of age s and question is exactly enough when one becomes a “grandfather”:

“I would like to know when a person becomes socially a” grandfather “and why that poor man becomes an unwanted being to fuck. This reminds me of a comment they left me long ago, a woman basically said that she felt disgusted to think that whores fucked with fat workers. As if the workers or fat people were disgusting individuals and had to give up sex for the rest of their lives. No, at least for me, those characteristics do not make someone repulsive. ”

So no, the age of your prospects is not an issue for her, but stressed that what we do matters is that your customers respect as a woman and as a sex worker.

What do you think? Do you think it is appropriate to discuss such issues in this way? Tell us!