A risky Mexican magazine left everyone stunned with a cover of Trump to Hitler

A risky Mexican magazine left everyone stunned with a cover of Trump to Hitler

Freedom of expression is hot these days, and is a recognized magazine in Mexico used a model tocover the very controversial and US presidential candidate Donald Trump with allusive Hitler mustache . The magazine Letras Libres  showed its cover for the month of October and more than one was shocked with the image showing the leader of the US Republican Party as the legend of fascism.

No details have been revealed why is Trump on the cover, but everything indicates that the edition will come loaded with political criticism . You may touch issues on the ideals of Trump, biography and government plan, however, would have to wait out. The Mexicans are nervous about the elections in the United States because of the number of immigrants living in that country, and possible actions that would take the candidate to be elected president.

During a presidential debate with the Democratic candidate, Hillary Clinton mogul Mexicans and Latinos generally referred to as a group that “takes away jobs” in the United States , among other disparaging opinions. The director of the publication, Enrique Krauze , who is a writer and historian, cataloged the candidate of the Republican Party as a “fascist perfect” , and compared it to the Italian dictator Benito Mussolini and his “friend” the dreaded “Führer” of Germany.

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Elections approach and Donald Trump, incredibly, has confirmed a good number of votes that make tremble provided almost certain Democrats. Many experts explain that the possible achievement of Trump against the presidency would by the failures of projects Democratic Party whose leader has been Obama two consecutive terms. However, the hope of “the majority” of Americans is that pierda.Estas ratings are really complicated for Americans as long they do not feel cared for by government social policies ago . There are even those who claim that winning Hilary Clinton wouldnot represent a victory, and is that a good part of the citizens will vote for Trump not win not because Clinton is an excellent choice.

Until then, we remain attentive to the will happen.