A patient with paralyzed legs to walk again thanks to a scientific breakthrough

A patient with paralyzed legs to walk again thanks to a scientific breakthrough

It seems a miracle but science has managed to take a big step. Patients who had been paralyzed after severe injuries to the spine have regained the ability to move his legs after a workout with an exoskeleton connected to your brain . Even a patient was able to re-use his two legs.

This is part of a project called Walk Again (Back to walk) is being done in Sao Paulo, Brazil which seeks to achieve that someday paraplegics can return to move using a thought – controlled exoskeleton . But the big surprise that researchers took is that the eight patients who tested training began to recover some of touch and movement despite his injury.

Science believed before the nerves in the spines of seven patients cut but scientists now believe that a few nerves survived and these have been reactivated with training which may have reconnected circuits in the brain.

So they exemplify of the progress in the scientific journal  Scientific Reports :

“A patient initially could not even stand wearing suspenders … after 10 months he was able to walk using a walker, braces and assistance of a therapist …¬† At this stage, this patient was able to produce voluntary movements with legs … in another example, the seven patient was able to walk with two crutches and lower limb orthosis and did not require the help of a therapist. “

Dr. Miguel Nicolelis, director of the Center for Neuroengineering Duke University in the United States, said before seven patients were classified as totally paralyzed but now suffering from partial paralysis . “His recovery is not over , ” he added.

This could mark a milestone in helping paraplegics and every time progresses more. Look more details on this great research in the video below: