A new study suggests that people living in large cities are healthier

A new study suggests that people living in large cities are healthier

While we tend to associate large cities with traffic, polluted air and places full of people, big cities also offer a variety of parks, jogging and bike lanes.

A new  study  conducted by Gallup and Healthways in the US, suggests thatresidents of large cities have better health than small communities. This is because large cities offer better infrastructure to promote an active life, improving the quality of life and happiness of its inhabitants.

The founder of Healthways Blue Zones Project , Dan Buettner believes that there are activities that make the healthy choice is the simplest, from cycling to a friend ‘s or walk to the store.

City life

City life is becoming more popular, especially among millennials and young families who see the comfort and convenience of the city. In 2014, the United Nations declared that for the first time more than half of the people on the planet living in urban areas .

To improve the quality of life of residents is necessary to have an infrastructure that promotes the activity.

The study looked at 48 communities , of which five had the highest rank in infrastructure to promote an active life and also had a high score on the indicators of health and happiness.

The criterion for an active life are spaces for walking, biking, parks infrastructure and transit.

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American cities

American cities that managed to reached the top 5 by promoting an active lifeare Washington DC, New York, Chicago, San Francisco and Boston first.

According to the report because people have more opportunities for exercise, walk and stay outdoors. In turn, the report indicates that residents tend to smoke less and in the cities the ideals for their families despite having less space accommodations.

The study authors seek to encourage and urban planners to invest and n infrastructure to improve the welfare of residents . In the report, the authors take cases in which cities are able to improve the infrastructure, such as the case of city Albert Lea in Minnesota who built bike lanes and sidewalks, it adopted policies to reduce the consumption of snuff and launched programs work topromote health and social interaction .

The study definitely raises awareness of how important it is to have the necessary infrastructure to improve health and quality of life of people, as they have a positive effect in our lives and in society in general.