A new solution if your smartphone gets wet


  • Now that summer comes, and along with our obsession to take our smartphone everywhere, the odds of ending up in the bottom of the pool increases. It is a profoundly irritating situation because we tend to be lazy and be there all our pictures, contacts … without any ‘backup’ (except those with ‘cloud’). Normally, at this point, there are two situations: flood your phone again, but this time in rice, or buy us a new one.


  • But according to the telephone company Gazelle, there is a third option provided you own a cat. Did you help your cat to recover your estimated phone? Well, not exactly, but the sand that used to deposit their droppings.





  • In a post titled “The Truth About rice, Galaxy and everything,” Gazelle said as part of the team drowned on purpose nine smartphones before attempting to resuscitate them through different methods, such as rice, oats, couscous, silica gel (dehydrating balls are in small packages within electronic packaging) and said cat litter.


  • They claim that, first of all, the most important thing is to try to dry your phone out as much as possible. Then place it in a bag of cat litter as long as possible (suggest they need several days for this to work).

However, if the phone does not work in the following 48/72 hours after the fatal tragedy occurs, then you better go looking for a new smartphone.