A fan drew Demi Lovato as sexy siren but the singer did not like the result

A fan drew Demi Lovato as sexy siren but the singer did not like the result

Vladimir Serbanescu is 17 and is an inveterate fan of Demi Lovato. So much so that the boy decided to draw the famous singer and publish the picture on your account Instagram for everyone to see . Surely he spent shaping the woman while he filled lines with colors and finally made a special interpretation for the work to give a turn and became siren. Then pleased with the result, shared itwith their friends on Instagram.

If there was one thing that Vladimir never expected was that suddenly appeared Lovato commenting own drawing. But life takes unexpected turns and technology allows everyone to share and communicate.

The boy used a photo Lovato’s latest album “Confident” for drawing.

This is the original picture.

Instagram / Demi Lovato / Confident
Instagram / Demi Lovato / Confident

Drawing, on the other hand, looks like.

Instagram / Vladyart
Instagram / Vladyart

In the view of many, it is a cute drawing. Indeed, the face is substantially similar to Lovato and her body has the characteristics of a siren features. However, the artist had his objections and said in the same post Vladimir.

Demi Lovato questioned the breasts in the drawing to yours actually appear.

“Is this how my breasts should be?” He wrote before noting that”The drawing is beautiful but that body is not mine.”

Vladimir, whose intentions were only boast the singer, was a bit sad with the words Lovato and did not hesitate to answer.

” If I make you slimmer waist and your breasts bigger is just to emphasize the fact that you drew as a mermaid , a mythological creature, does not mean you should see you like or that all women should look like this . I guess the sirens see it that way. I worked hard on that picture and was proud of how it turned out , but I’m not. ”

Vladimir Serbanescu in Instagram-

Lovato, however, did not respond to that last message.

We hope that this has been just a misunderstanding. We know that the boy had good intentions and that Lovato is a great woman always attached to your audience. No need to be sad.

What do you think about that?