a community joined for this sick puppy could see snow for the last time in your life

a community joined for this sick puppy could see snow for the last time in your life

Spunky is a beautiful dog of 12 years was diagnosed with cancer sopresiva way. Its owner, Ashley Niels, adopted it in Wisconsin and from that day to this have been inseparable. During the time he lived in Wisconsin, Spunky enjoyed the snow as he liked to play in it and eat it . But when they moved to Austin, Texas, snow days were over …

Ashley Niels

Therefore, before leaving Wisconsin, Ashley promised his beloved dog Spunky they would see snow for the last time. And that’s why when Spunky was diagnosed with cancer, Ashley was worried because it was not going to keep that promise.

Ashley Niels

Spunky would be sacrificed the next day that was diagnosed and therefore, it became increasingly difficult to find a way to see snow . However, a group of volunteers from Austin Animal Center, a shelter where Ashley works, found a way to fulfill the last wishes of Spunky.

Ashley Niels

And this is how they rented a snow machine, they took her to the house of Niels and Spunky could enjoy this phenomenon in your own backyard and in the summer in Texas …

video here

After this moving day was time that Spunky outside his appointment to “do sleep , ” but the veterinary rescheduled time for the next day as we had an emergency to attend .

Ashley suddenly noticed that Niels was not going to be able to face that moment, so he desisted from carrying Spunky the vet and decided to stay with him all the time to hang on .

Ashley Niels

According Niel, Spunky looks very happy and did not want to take the time.

Ashley takes every second of life with Spunky, who also receives the full attention of his best friend a cat named Merlin.  “We spent a lot of quality time with him , ” Ashley told The Dodo .

Ashley Niels

Pro for Ashley, the beauty of the situation was that a whole community joined in and helped her cause she could do fulfill the last wish of your pet and not only that, but also cheer up other dogs …

The machine, before being returned was used in the Austin Animal Center shelter for the dogs who live there could also enjoy some snow.

Austin Animal Center

Now Ashley does not know how long life is left to Spunky and is waiting for a miracle. But for the moment, is grateful that a whole group of people to join his beloved dog to fulfill his last wish .

Ashley Niels

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