9 things to all “fat” woman should know

9 things to all "fat" woman should know

A conscious of this time can live a much fuller and happier life. 

Although the fashion industry promotes a single standard of beauty as correct, some time ago women are becoming empowered with respect to this issue, making  hundreds of campaigns where show that beauty goes far beyond what says the fashion world. Without discriminating thin models in magazines, l as girls who do not feel at all identified with this have searched through these campaigns feel more confident and safe, and yes they have succeeded. 

It has not been easy, yet they have been able to transmit large messages of beauty and inspiration for all women, and all should be aware of that. When beauty it is, there ‘s nothing written and here are some things you should know: 

1. Permitted to use whatever you want

It ‘s your life, your body, your rules. While you feel comfortable with what you wear, then that is the right outfit you should use. If you’re happy with what you got, that’s what will be your attitude, not your pants or your blouse.  Do not follow those ridiculous rules that you should not wear leggings if you have thin legs , or stripes if you have a big trunk , or shirts short or bikini. Use whatever makes you happy.

2. If someone pays you a compliment, accept it

And I believe it. If you do not not only show your insecurity, but doubts about what the other person says, and that can be a bit disrespectful. You’re assuming that you know better and you have the truth and that’s not always the case. Welcomes your comments and value your point of view, if they say it’s because I really believe it . They see you with a completely different look at you you look.

3. Quererte yourself be your best weapon of seduction

Once you achieve accept yourself as you are your attitude will be different. Learn to love those curves and make the most of them, just so you can become the person you want to be. Being and feeling confident is the key to seduce, regardless of how you think you look. You’ll see how to bring a smile every day and walk a safe attitude towards life will be much more attractive.

4. should not feel guilty about everything you eat

Eating is a natural act we must do to survive and is also something pleasant, so we should not feel guilty when you do this. This does not mean that we should be careful, we must, but not to control our weight because society says there is a correct one, but for our health care. Nothing bad is eating a piece of pizza occasionally, or chocolate while we care to consume the vitamins that our body needs. He speaks, and be clear when you need an apple and not a packet of crisps. If you want to eat, do it, do not beat yourself .

5. Not for not exercising every day

Nor is doing something wrong, but if you do, do it for your health, not because someone told you that you looked bad or because the magazines only show thin models. Do it because you will feel good and relieve stress, not because someone made you feel guilty about not doing or that’s what the other does. No one should tell you that moldearas your body unless you want to.

6. All women have insecurities

And if someone tells you otherwise is lying. Just as you have insecurities about your curves, the thin girl suffers from their grooves and the other by his stature. We all have some complex, and do not mean that’s right, but you’re not the only one who feels this way, many women you they understand. 

7. The concept of beauty is relative

As much as the fashion industry set standards of beauty, we witness that there is no one. In tastes nothing written and well as some boys like thin women, there are many guys who worship the most curvaceous women. Just as there are guys like tall girls, others like low, and so on . There are many fish in the sea, and all are different and are attracted to different things. 

8. Do not settle

Do not think that the only person you can be is one that accepts your “as you are”. You can aim higher.You have everything to get what you want and the guy you want. Do not stay with someone “because you can not get something better.” You have the right and opportunity to be with someone you love yourself and your body. You deserve this and more.

9. You’re beautiful

And you must be aware of that. Once you have built in your head you will see that the roads will open up and come out hundreds of opportunities you thought never have. You are beautiful and do not let anyone tell you otherwise. Show the world your beauty just depends on you.