9 reasons why couples who played last longer

9 reasons why couples who played last longer

I can sound a little drastic with this comment, but very suspicious of those couples who barely touch.I’m not asking you to have sex like animals every day or do all the hands together; But we !, a hug in the morning does not hurt anyone if a better kiss. Finally, it sounds superficial to some, no couple can survive without constantly touching.

If you think that “touching” is not important and that alone is a good complement for a couple, then I recommend you look at these nine reasons why physical contact always helps improve a relationship.

1. Strengthens privacy

The best way to be close to someone, it is obviously being close physically. Even the most innocent of groping will grant a higher level of intimacy to the relationship. A simple hug in the morning may be sufficient, as long as it every morning. But without doubt, the most effective is still the sex, this allows you to feel safe, loved, respected.

2. You release oxytocin

Oxytocin is a hormone that stimulates infatuation. By embracing or kissing someone, oxytocin levels rise and stimulate that intimate connection with the beloved. It is also released during breastfeeding and sex. This hormone is essential in the art of embracing.

3. It keeps you healthy physically

Besides making you feel good, everything toqueteo can stay healthy. This is because that oxytocin reduces inflammation and helps you fight infections. In addition, we all know that keeping stress levels low helps your body heal faster. Oxytocin has also been shown to be helpful in reducing pain and lower blood pressure.

4. Your heart also becomes healthy

Physical contact with your partner reduces stress, anxiety, low blood pressure; that is, everything that you will reduce the risk of heart disease.

5. Reduce social anxiety

By having a physical relationship with someone you feel safer and wanting to go outside. Does not bother you to be with other people, because you know you already have no obligation to be looking for them, but now they are

6. Relieves stress

Touch can reduce stress hormone (cortisol), and make you feel better all over. If your schedule does not allow you a full session of sex, well, give him the possibility to hugs and caresses, highly effective when release tension.

7. You become more positive

When you touch your partner you free yourself from many burdens. You learn to focus the energy, leave the worries aside, and understand that life is an accumulation of experiences that strengthen your interior.

8.  always find a reason to fall in love

When no physical contact body messages that show your true feelings, showing the other person why you always choose again and again decrypted.

9. You learn to trust

When you have sex with your partner you open your body to countless sensations and experiences that allow you to enter states of relaxation.