9 perfect dishes to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month

9 perfect dishes to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month

This past September 15 began the celebration of Hispanic heritage in the United States. Our culture, traditions and the great contribution to this country are officially recognized by one month. Parties and dances are an important part of the celebration but even more food.

The cuisine of our countries is an important part of what we are and also helps us get closer when nostalgia is awakened. It is also a great way to enjoy the flavors of our land. A good way to celebrate this month is relishing the delicious cuisine of our countries. Celebrate Hispanic pride with these 9 dishes taste you love.

# 1- Arepas

This traditional ricura of Venezuela is common to eat at any time of day.Breakfast with egg and cheese, lunch and dinner with chicken or beef. A delight!Arepa style varies from region; It can be fried, baked or grilled.

# 2- Mofongo

This traditional Puerto Rican dish is a total delight to the palate. It is made of bananas and pig lovers can add a little touch with meat or chicharroncito crisp.

# 3- Empanadas

We who live in culturally diverse cities and have access to food around the world can say that one of our favorite dishes are empanadas. These can be with cheese, vegetables and meat, you decide! Do not forget to accompany the selection of pies with a beer or maybe a latte.

# 4 Tacos

Yummy! The tacos are a traditional dish of Mexican food that we all love. How about tacos al pastor, chicken, carnitas or if you ride the wave vegetarian mushroom you can order them. Whatever the choice, it is a great way to celebrate our Hispanic heritage and the great contributions of our Mexican brothers to the United States.

# 5- Guacamole

Avocado is the fruit that we quite enjoyed as part of our cuisine. However it was the Mexicans who created a specially reserved for such delightful dish. The guacamole is very easy to prepare, you can eat it with crispy chips or tortillas. It takes it to another level celebration and accompany it with some delicious tacos or quesadillas.

# 6- Pupusas

Central American countries are an infinite source of culinary delights and can not ignore the delicious pupusas. This dish is cooked cornmeal dough and can be stuffed with beans, cheese or meat of our choice.

# 7- Flan

It is a delicious mixture of egg, milk and sugar after being baked is one of the most enjoyable desserts in our kitchen. In addition to the classic taste of vanilla, this treat can be prepared with cheese, pumpkin, guava and other typical fruits of our countries.

# 8- Cachapas

This is also a traditional Venezuelan dish and is a delight. If you have not tried, what are you waiting for ?. They are very simple to make and it tastes delicious.They know great with cheese and a little butter at the top.

# 9- Coffee with Milk

There’s nothing like a coffee with milk well done. The secret is in the way milk and little coffee quality is churned. Ahh and the touch of sugar and a rich slice of buttered Cuban bread to complete the matter is not missing.

Dining options are endless to celebrate the pride of our culture.