9 pairs of literature that will soften the heart with his romances

9 pairs of literature that will soften the heart with his romances

Literature lovers know that each is therefore necessary to get lost in the pages of a romantic book. If not a book centered on love, then one where at least there is a vein of romance or a couple who really shows they are right for each other.Some stories are beautiful and happy, others are totally tragic. The important thing is to enjoy the moment and remember to be icons of letters. Here are some couples of literature to remember and perhaps re-read those books.


Romeo and Juliet

Let’s start with one sad, but classic. We all know that these two characters were the most ephemeral but famous romance in all literature. Obviously they did not have time to prove they really loved each other, but we must note that dying on the other is enough.

Tonks and Lupin ( Harry Potter )

He could have chosen to Ron and Hermione or Harry and Ginny, but we all know that true love is one that resists prejudice. Lupin wants to protect himself, she prefers to be with him at all costs. True, things do not end well for them, but we can not deny the love that existed between them.

Claire and Jamie ( Outlander )

Who can blame us for love story of two people of different ages? Claire comes from 1945, Jamie Scotland of 1743, yet both manage to create a unique relationship, so much that she is unwilling to return to his time.

Florentino Ariza and Fermina Daza ( Love in the Time of Cholera )

Gabriel García Márquez knew what he was doing when he wrote this sad, strange and melancholy love story. At times it is impossible to deny that Florentino looks more like a stalker than anything else, but the devotion she has for Fermina is stronger than all our prejudices.

Elizabeth Bennet and Mr. Darcy ( Pride and Prejudice )

Pride and Prejudice

Jane Austen wanted to make clear that love is stronger than class differences. It is clear that Darcy is not too friendly and Elizabeth do not see it with good eyes at first, but together they are the most famous couple in the literature.

Paris and Helena ( The Iliad )

A love so great as to cause a war is worthy to be remembered. It is one of the most famous stories, and even went to the movies. The two young men are unwilling to separate, even though no one is in favor of their relationship.

Kitty and Levin ( Anna Karenina )

Instead of taking the sad story of Anna and Vronsky, it is best to consider the other couple in history. They also have their own problems, but certainly manage to cope with the love they have.

Catherine and Heathcliff ( Wuthering Heights )

It is a pity that it is not a happy story, but it is impossible to leave out for the strength he has. This novel is an icon of literature, despite the amount of resentment and hatred that can be found in its pages.

Ivanhoe and Rowena ( Ivanhoe )

For some reason, though Rebecca is a great character, we can only think that Ivanhoe returns with Rowena. Perhaps because of the beautiful descriptions of the characters, or the fact that both show great fidelity to each other.