9 moments in which we would love to receive flowers

Flowers have a charm that women simply can not resist; Are romantic and sometimes express much more than words. There are some times when they are most valued and even expected, so you can share this post with that person to take notice.

1. Anniversary

To celebrate a wedding anniversary or engagement, there is nothing better than red roses, symbol of love and passion. A good option is to choose the number of flowers depending on the years or months that are celebrated.

2. After a discussion

Flowers are faithful messengers of love; If you want to apologize or reconcile, you must be part of that moment. Preferably, the bouquet will have to include those that are your favorites.

3. Valentine’s Day

It does not matter if you get a balloon, chocolates or any other gift, the flowers should go to as of place. There is no more romantic date in the year, so these beauties must make their appearance.

4. Birthday

Nothing prettier than receiving a flower arrangement in the early hours of the morning, whether at work, at home or at school. What better if they come accompanied by a card with some special message.

5. Graduation

Academic achievements take our weight off and give us another day to celebrate, so it is wonderful to receive flowers as part of the recognition for your efforts.

6. Personal achievements

If you are already immersed in the world of work and you have achieved something for what you strive or if you presented your professional examination, it is another momentous moment in your life that would not be badly accompanied by beautiful flowers.

7. Just because

8. Secret Love

If you have a secret admirer, you can earn some points by sending flowers.

9. Birth of a baby

To celebrate a birth, it is advisable to receive the flowers in your home, to enjoy them better and not to carry them to the hospital exit