9 Incredible makeup tips girls love with drooping eyelids

Achieving a shadow  smokey well delineated faded or cat eye  perfect under normal conditions can be somewhat complicated; but for girls who have drooping eyelids can be even more difficult.

If your eyes have an extra fold of skin that covers the eyelid, you’re not alone. Celebrities like Taylor Swift, Emma Stone and Jennifer Lawrence are proof that it is possible to achieve a good makeup with this form of eye; and here we tell you how.

1. Choose a good first eye

applying first girl eyes

You know how easy it is to end a run or faded makeup, so it is best to invest in a good first or pre basis for the color of the shadows remain.

2. The waterproof mascara is basic

girl applying mascara

It is very common lashes touch the eyelid; uses a base waterproof so you do not stain the eyelids every time you wear makeup or if you sweat a little.

3. It is better matte shadow

matte shadow girl

Try to avoid shadows or bright pearly abultar not even eyelid. Instead choose matte shadows in shades of beige and applied in the arch area.

4. A trick for shade

girl applying shadow card

If you’re not very skilled applying the shadow, take a tissue or cardboard card and put it in the outer corner of the nose to the brow. Apply the shadow from the center of the eye until it contacts the tissue and thus your eyes look more raised.

5. more open Eyes

girl with drooping eyelids

The lack of space caused that extra fold of skin on the eyelid makes them look tired. To correct this effect applies a shadow in a neutral tone in the inner corner of the eyes and across the crease, making the shadow spread to the bone.

6. Delineate the top of the tabs with black pencil

girl with black eyeliner

It is one of the most important tips to have a look more awake. Draw a fine line flush with the upper and lower contour along the lashes.

7. Do not limit yourself with mascara

Girl with marked tabs

The best for this kind of eyes are abundant curves and eyelashes. Apply enough mascara on upper and lower lashes framing to finish your look.

8. Attention eyebrows

delineating girl eyebrows

And well defined eyebrows remarcadas make your eyes look more open. Fill with a suitable makeup if they are scarce, always taking care not to lose naturalness and if you can also apply some highlighter just below to give light to the eyes.

9. Experiment with color

girl with colored liner

One of the advantages for those who have such eyes is that they can play a lot more with color.Take a chance to try new colors of eyeliner and just make sure the shade extend slightly beyond the upper fold.

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