9 foods that eliminate abdominal fat

9 foods that eliminate abdominal fat

Looking foods eliminate belly fat ? Contrary to what is generally believed, this is possible with a good diet.

We will always recommend you opt for healthy alternatives. It is true that find pills and countless products that promise the same result. From our point of view, these should be taken with care.

We believe that the best you can do for your health is always choose natural. So we leave the list of foods that eliminate abdominal fat. Include them in your diet and say goodbye to that problem.

1. Cos

Lettuce contains very few calories, so it is a food always present in salads. This particular type of lettuce makes you feel sated and has a crispness that makes itdelicious.

Our reasons for inclusion in the list of foods that eliminate abdominal fat is that it is an excellent source of:

  • Vitamin C
  • Beta-carotene
  • Vitamin K
  • folate
  • Manganese
  • Chrome

Several studies agree that chromium increases the burning of abdominal fat when combined with exercise . In addition, people who are diabetic will see an improvement in the production and use of its natural insulin.

2. Grapefruit

Does eating grapefruit helps weight loss?

It is no secret that grapefruit is one of the foods that eliminate abdominal fat. Astudy  in 2006 found that eating half a grapefruit before meal helps you lose weight.

Remember that it is always better to eat the whole fruit rather than juice alone. By eating this way you take advantage of the natural fiber that also improves your digestion.

3. Ginger

The root of ginger is one of the most used spice in the world. Its use began in China around 400 BC. C. and is now present throughout the world.

The most important thing is that ginger is one of the foods that eliminate abdominal fat. The most effective way is when you consume fresh . Take the opportunity to acquire the root into pieces sold in supermarkets.

This can use the grated ground or sauteed when preparing food or in powder form.

4. White beans

Other foods that eliminate abdominal fat are white beans. They are a very versatile, rich and very nutritious vegetable. If you eat normally you see that soon disappears abdominal fat.

You because they are low in calories and fat and high in fiber and protein, need a minimum amount to be satisfied.

They also improve the quality of carbohydrate absorption in the stomach. The benefit of this feature is to avoid the annoying constipation.

5. Sprockets


Pine nuts are delicious seeds that are not included in the daily diet too. Because they are somewhat high price are not an option for every day. However, yes you should consider include sometimes foods if you are looking to eliminate abdominal fat.

A small handful suppresses your appetite but do not overdo it because they are rich in calories.

6. Chicken breast

If you are concerned about the abdominal fat, chicken breast is one of the foods that should be on your shopping list. This type of meat is rich in protein and contains almost no fat and carbohydrates.

This food is an excellent source of vitamin B3 and vitamin B6 . Vitamin B3 is directly related to the insulin resistance. Meanwhile, vitamin B6 is necessary for proper absorption of zinc.

7. Canela

Cinnamon has extraordinary properties when it comes to losing weight. Sometimes abdominal fat is hosted by insulin resistance. This means that your pancreas is not working as it should and waste not disposed of properly.

Half teaspoon cinnamon powder daily is enough to improve levels of blood sugar.This will better processes insulin and abdominal fat is removed.

Also if you are in medical monitoring for diabetes or prediabetes, cinnamon will help you control your blood glucose.

8. Egg

Egg yolk

The egg is one of the basic ingredients of any balanced diet. It is an excellent source of protein and is low in calories and fat and rich in water.

Meanwhile, the egg yolk that’s high in calories, fat and cholesterol. Despite this, you should not be deprived of a whole egg, since l to yolk is also rich in iron, zinc , vitamin A, D, E and B12.

Our recommendation is that you include in your breakfast an omelet with whole egg, clear of another and vegetables.

9. Aguacate

Other foods that eliminate abdominal fat is avocado. It is usually thought to remove the fruit when you want to lose weight because it is fat, but there is nothing further from reality.

Fat from avocados not only will not make you gain weight, it also helps you lose it .Because the fruit is rich in oleic acid, avocado make you feel satiated with less .

In addition to oleic acids, avocado is rich in vitamin C, vitamin E and vitamin B.

A varied and based on completely natural diet products bring you closer to the figure you want. It includes you mentioned and see quick results.