8 things that happen when your baby is already above year-old

8 things that happen when your baby is already above year-old

Nobody teaches us to be mothers or care for our children: we are out instinctively and, of course, we do our best in this great work, to always provide the best. We dedicate all our attention and pampering, because his love fills us with energy. If you are a mother, you know that at a year old, your baby begins to develop certain skills and traits that fill you with joy:

1. Once you learn to walk, not to

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You will feel free and powerful! It is important that lean at all times and that you do not bring eyes off because want to know everything at your fingertips.

2. You will start to buy his first shoes

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You leave behind those shoes that were virtually ornaments and use their first real shoes. It is important that you obtain advice with an expert so that they are comfortable and can take their first steps with more confidence.

3. perceive an increase in their ability to socialize and get in touch with the people around him

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You will feel more comfortable with all your near and want to be part of what they say or do.

4. Although the ability to speak is limited and babbles, every day better understands what you say

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We recommend that you read and incentives with educational games, to begin to develop their intellect.

5. You will have lots of energy and want to explore the world at all times

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And what passes you will bring it within the mouth! It may be a stressful time for you as a mother, but feel great happiness to see how growing strongly.

6. This is a key age to promote proper eating habits

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Try to take a balanced and nutritious diet where milk is the most important food. Prevents eat between meals or stay too long without moving.

7. Your food will change quite

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A year will pass your little table older and can eat almost anything. It is very important that you care to give the necessary nutrients at this stage, because its good development will depend on how well you take care of yourself.

8. And you will learn to eat alone!

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A big step! Anyway, it is you who have to worry about your good diet: moderate salt intake and include lots of proteins such as milk, fish and eggs.

We know, as a mother, always try to give you the best. And that means worrying especially their nutrition! Therefore, at this stage you should never neglect your diet. If you have a little one year old, you should know that their bodies are still maturing and therefore needs food that will help you in that process.

At this important stage of growth is vital to strengthen them with a high quality protein that not stress the organs of your small, they are still maturing. A balanced diet that includes high quality protein, it helps correct maturation of organs for optimal development. 

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* Proteins have a direct influence on the development and growth, these are structural, form and maintain tissues, muscles and organs.