8 things I would tell my mother if I could return to childhood

If there is someone who has made my experience in this earthly plane as smooth and comfortable as possible, it is my mother. Despite not having a manual to raise us me and my brothers, he has guided us with all the love and care through the challenges life presents.

His arms became the safer haven when life his task lecture me took very seriously. Until now I understand many of his words and reactions, and if I could go back to being a child, I would love to say a few phrases to know all that means in my life.

1. You are not alone

mother and daughter hugging

Although sometimes think I’m lost in my songs, I will always be at your side to support you.

2. You are beautiful

Mother and daughter painting her nails

And it’s not just your physical. Every part of you is beautiful because you are a kind and loving being.

3. You do not have to be strong all the time

mother and daughter in the field

You have no right to let down our guard, vulnerable and even show derrumbarte when needed.You are so human like everyone else, and you also need encouragement and love.

4. There will always be a better day

mother and daughter in a bath

No matter how strong the storm comes, the sun will rise again tomorrow.

5. Let’s sit and talk

Mother and daughter feet in heels

Sometimes all you want to talk a little so that the routine will not eat. Let’s do it, if I have time for you.

6. Do not feel guilty about doing what is necessary

mother with daughter on arms

I know you work very hard to give your family a better life you had, and sometimes the price to pay is high. Do not worry about me, someday grow up and understand, like my children and their children.

7. You deserve to have nice things

Mother and daughter with flowers on her head on a bicycle

Thanks for your great generosity every Christmas, birthday or any day; but I want you to have that pretty blouse you so desire, or that car with you dream about.

8. Do not feel bad for speaking firmly

Mother and daughter walking

As an adult is the first thing I appreciate you because every scolding and advice made my character is forged and it was a good woman.