8 situations that every Latino has lived in the United States

8 situations that every Latino has lived in the United States, do you identify with?

For many of us, the United States is our adopted country. Over time, we adapt and make this place our final home.

Along the way, we have to face all kinds of obstacles, some harder than others.Many have to do with the vicissitudes of immigrants themselves when they try to make their way from scratch in a country with a very different culture. Other, nastier, are linked to racism and discrimination.

One way or another, many Latinos live rare or ridiculous in the United States now, almost all worthy of a laugh. If you do not believe me, I invite you to see the following examples. And if you live here, you know what I’m talking about.

1. We are all of Spain

There are people who do not know the difference between the language we speak and the ethnic group to which we belong, for they are all spanish .

2. Race: Hispanic or Latino

Latinos come in all colors and flavors: blacks, Indians, mestizos and whites. But when you get to America chameleonic skin mutates its original pitch to Latino or Hispanic .

3. We are all Mexicans

No matter if you’re Puerto Rican, Argentine, Cuban or Nicaraguan, at some point you’re going to ask for a recipe for Mexican food.

4. So, you speak dominican …

Again ignorance is a source of wonder. Some Americans do not know that Spanish is the common language of Latin American and think that each country has its own language.

5. You may be confused with Arabic

If you have brown skin, black hair and pronounced eyebrows can confuse you with someone of the Middle East.

6. They know better than you where you come from

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Nah! You do not look and / or sound Cuban! Someone once put in doubt that I was Cuban only for my appearance and my accent. I’ll have to confirm with my parents to see if they have the correct information.

7. You speak in a Spanish that neither understand yourself

There is nothing more beautiful than to hear the language of Cervantes in a distant land. But it is no use if it is a native of the United States that begins to drop unintelligible words in Spanish, which are irrelevant or have no relation to the context.

7. Some Latinos “do not speak Spanish”

Some Latinos who speak English well say “do not speak Spanish,” even after spending half an hour understanding everything you say … in Spanish. There is no worse wedge than the same suit, the popular wisdom dictates.

8. Comparison with a Latin celebrity is inevitable

The parallel with the Latin celebrity of the moment is inevitable. If you have an accent and you are a woman compared with Sofia Vergara and if you are a man, it is likely that your name is Santos of Jane the Virgin .