8 signals that your relationship is stopping you in life

You love your partner with all your being, but unfortunately, it is possible that their attitudes, or values insecurities are preventing you’re the most you can be. This usually happens when the warning signs are present your partner, but you’d rather not see them.

Here are some signs that your partner is holding you back in life and how to deal with it:

1. cares about your goals

With your family and your friends, you should feel perfectly comfortable sharing your aspirations.No matter how realistic are your goals, your partner should lend truncheons, not make you doubt yourself. If you do not take seriously your partner works in taking steps towards your dreams come true. You can be there to support your partner when the time or slouch.

2. Always is reminding you of your weaknesses

If your partner constantly criticizes you, it’s a very bad sign. Instead of demoralizing critically, let your partner know you like to know what if you’re doing good rather than what you need to improve.

3. We will cause resentment your accomplishments

There are people who just do not want you to succeed as a result will discredit your accomplishments to feel above you. You should question at this time if you should better to forget about this person and focus on what really matters now.

4. asks you to give up something that is important to you

If then he tells you that do not give importance to anything that is not relevant to the relationship or your partner, remember to have a happy relationship must have social and emotional stimulations out of your partner. If your partner forgets, remind your routine, your family and friends are important to you.

5. You have trouble enjoying other areas of your life

When your relationship interferes with your well-being and happiness, then there is a problem. If your performance has worsened or have not been able to go to the gym in a long time because your partner, you have to start talking about your concerns. Your partner should support you so you do things on your own, if not, you should begin to focus more on yourself and let that person aside.

6. They’re always fighting for old things

The goal in any relationship is to move forward, so when you constantly are still fighting for things that happened long ago, prevents advancement and progress as couples and individuals. The best in these cases is to go to couples therapy.

7. Your ideas are not aligned with theirs

When your values, whether money, family, children or travel, collide with your partner can both lose sight of their dreams. To find out if you and your partner agree with what they want from life, make a list of the 5 most important values of each person. If you do not share at least three, then they have a problem because they do things differently in life.

8. Is your partner jealous

If your partner accuse you of infidelity all the time or upset when you go out with other people, this is known as emotional abuse, which can easily become physical abuse. Let your partner know what you care about most in life, whether family, friends or maybe your job. Dale understand that if you can not with that, the relationship has no future.