8 perfect clothes to show off your curves

Wide hips are one of the features that stand between the girls body figure hourglass and pear.So for all big hip girl, model curves when creating a look is usually one of the most important details.

However, what we most want to find the outfit perfect for this kind of figure, is to keep the visual balance in our figure curvy  without losing the style.  So to achieve that balance between curves and elegance are 8 items that can not miss the wardrobe of a girl wide curves.

1. waisted dresses type Bodycon

three styles of dress-fitting bodycon

A tight dress your body will keep your figure curves are deleted; avoid baggy dresses and rectangular.

2. Jeans and pants waist

three styles of pants waist

Should be a rule in your wardrobe and virtually made to your needs: hugs, love, wear your jeans at the waist ever!

3. blouses shoulders

three styles of shoulder blouse

This type of blouse is another smart way to create balance between your shoulders and the width of your hips.

4. The long skirt style “pencil”

three styles of type pencil skirt

Your ideal is the type pencil skirt up to the knee, and it works even cuter with a thin belt at the waist; mini skirts avoid at all costs.

5. A top  halter 

three styles of halter

The top type halter  creates an hourglass effect that will make your shoulders look bigger and more proportional to your hips.

6. The long straight coat

three styles of skirt three styles of long coat

It will be the best choice for your body type; avoids short and frilly blazer to add more curves to your waist.

7. A tropicale skirt style  A – line 

three styles of tropical A line skirt

A line skirt style favors bodies “pear” or “clock” of sand. We recommend this type of skirt but in this tropical style touch even sexier.

8. pants style Palazzo

8 ways your hips look stylish

The palazzo palazzo pants or type, are the most sophisticated clothes that can also highlight your figure curvy.