8 Most Horror Films Ever (Don’t watch if you are under 15)

8 Most Horror Films Ever (Don't watch if you are under 15)

One of the biggest complaints of horror films is that they depend too boring and cheap sudden shocks to get a reaction to your audience. But these eight examples actually cause you authentic and genuine terror when you see:

8. Grave Encounters

Even if you feel well it acted all and is a very predictable film mocks reality shows people who hunt ghosts in real life and give the nail. Then play with the idea of what it would be if one of the “haunted” houses of this series really prove to be haunted and full of evil spirits.

7. The Taking of Deborah Logan

The premise of this is simple, a film crew follows a woman with alzheimers only to discover that there are darker forces behind what happens in your head. Reveals its secrets gradually this film, using much the environment.

6. The Visit

This is one of the films of this genre of terror, discovered cameras, more correct in a technical sense, especially considering that everything was allegedly shot by a teenage girl. The best is the obligatory twist at the end that is very satisfying.

5. The Last Exorcism

Speaking of twists at the end of the movie,  The Last Exorcism is one that is truly worth. The performance in this film quality is definitely something you do not normally see in typical horror blockbusters.

4. [Rec]

This film managed to scare everyone who saw it in theaters worldwide.

3. Cannibal Holocaust

This film is offensive, violent, racist and allegedly contains real animal torture. It has become a cult classic. Maybe you do not panic in the conventional way, but definitely will cause nightmares.

2. Paranormal Activity

The original of this series perfectly manages the suspense and uses its budget to good effect, showing that the subtle and simple can be truly terrifying. Never before has a door opening so slow has caused so much tension in a movie theater.

1. The Blair Witch Project

This is the film that began with fashion movies found. Whether you love or hate the genre, this film is responsible for opening the way to many movies of the same style. That last shot in this movie is something you will never forget.