7 truths you need to hear (or say) after a breakup

7 truths you need to hear (or say) after a breakup

A breakup is a very difficult time for anyone, regardless of personality or troubleshooting method. It is inevitable to go through all those painful stages before healthy and full revival, and honestly, knowing what to say and how to act in a situation of this kind is daunting task.

That is why we want to give some advice and some words you should have heard or have to say is that you suffer a break or want to advise someone.

Let’s go!

1. You’re right, this sucks

It is not to be condescending but to use one of the most valuable qualities in any human being: empathy.

Not evade reality, accept it and afróntala; evil is also part of life and does not make sense to run from it, rather look for the beauty of pain to grow. 

2. You are not alone / alone. I’m here whenever you need me

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Do you need to remember? Yes always. The human being (by nature) tend to withdraw and isolate themselves in these situations; therefore it is crucial to stay even though sometimes do not want us there.

3. It is not your fault and you are very valuable / ae amazing

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I never understand, but it is. Whenever there is a break up , one party (or both) tries to find the person responsible, and sometimes a significant negative burden falls on the most vulnerable person in the relationship, making him believe he has guilt for what happened and that its value as a person is not enough.

You can not imagine how powerful words can be to counteract this and how effective it can be a compliment (honest) when combating depression (momentary) a break .

4. Ok, let’s go! A play, drink, shop … whatever

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Keep busy head is highest priority (at least initially). Stay home rebuilding each scene is unhealthy; at least, if you want to stay in your home, order a pizza, watching Netflix with friends, playing League of Legends and ” flames” to all of your team, but by no means just stand still reliving your situation.

5. Believe it or not, this too will pass, it’s only temporary … love does not end here, only it changes form

It is vital to say, hear and know about them.

You may have thought that your relationship was destiny and your loving way had been written in stone forever, but the reality is different and the agonizing pain you’re feeling is going to happen.

Does the pain is real and justified? Yes it is. Did you love your ex really? Yes, you did. Could you give it a try? Of course, if conditions change why not … But for now, keep your head in only one thing: this too will pass. 

6. I do not give explanations or tips

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Now, more logical and right that your analysis is, sometimes it will not be necessary. Occasionally, a hug and a “everything will be fine” are not always enough … we need to find the perfect equation, just enough to be there.

7. It’s time to restart!

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Finally, when time has healed the wounds and heart stained red start again, you must press the reboot button and start from scratch. No lost time,  you learn, you became stronger . You will no longer make the same mistakes, you have matured; are you ready / ready to embark on another adventure and able to love without reestricciones.

Yes, again, although it can happen the same, why? And because, otherwise, it would not be love.

Oh, and remember: “A lesson without pain is meaningless. That’s because you can not gain something without sacrificing something in return. However, once you’ve endured the pain and have overcome, you gain a heart that is stronger than everything else. That’s right, a heart of steel. ”