7 tricks to show off fleshy lips.

7 tricks to show off fleshy lips. They will line up to kiss you
A girl makeup is not complete without a flawless lips. Whether you only use glitter or play with all kinds of colors, we can not deny that the lips will be the focus of attention for those guys who try to link you and what you give life to many of your selfies.
Here we have prepared some tips that will help you boast incredible, bulky, and healthy lips.
Take note:
1. Darken the edges of your lips to give them more volume
This trick is great for when you go out at night. Simply apply lipstick as usual and then put some eyeliner pencil on the banks, now difumínale with a brush and voila, your lips will increase its volume.
2. Hydrating Mask cinnamon and butter
Apply these two oils on your lips 15 minutes before makeup. After that time, remove excess with a tissue and píntales as usual, the same can leave oils as lip gloss if you prefer to use natural. These substances improve blood circulation in the area and will provide more natural color.
3. Corrects shape of your lips with liner
This will make them look fuller. Simply apply the liner as shown in the image according to the type of lips you have. Fill with lipstick the same shade and ready.
4. Combine your lipstick the color of your eyes
This will give balance to your face and make you look fuller.
If your eyes are black, opt for orange, red and brown tones.
If your eyes are blue chooses red tones nude (skin), and pink.
If your eyes are brown, opt for pink and nude tones (skin).
If your eyes are green, opt for shades in pink.
5. Take care of your hydration
Apply lip balm or natural oils before bedtime.
6. Rejuvenate with the right tone and corrector
Once you’ve painted your lips, apply concealer on the outer contours, because as the area is usually darker makes you look older.
7. Make that color will last longer
Paint your lips as usual, removes excess with a tissue, then apply a layer or translucent facial powder on them and another layer of lipstick.