7 Stupid but sexy things a jealous woman does.

7 Stupid but sexy things a jealous woman does.
If we air the question Have you ever felt jealousy in your life? Probably most people would answer yes. It is one of the most common emotions within a relationship. However, one thing is normal jealousy and quite another to become the psycho girlfriend that keeps him for a second. It is understood that wish to protect what you worked so hard, but be very careful when showing your anger, sometimes you do not need to say a word the body speaks for itself.
Pay attention to the signs that are dying of jealousy, but do not say:
1. Fists closed
What situations by giving you shake hands? Exactly when something bothers you, is not you want to hit the person (or perhaps if) but each we feel pretty and nice girl that is close to your guy, you want to zoom out and your hands know.
2. Short answers
When you are jealous, the fewer words the better. And when your boyfriend asks you something your favorite answers are: yes or no, and the most you can say is average. But you do not even think to ask if you have something, because obviously you have nothing and everything is perfect, not even goes through your head to see her friend underground.
3. Breathe deep 
Breathe deep as you can, is like a car soothing. Your body feels anger, but Remember!killing is a crime. So what offers you calm down your brain is through breathing.
4. Marking Territory
He bet you had not noticed that every day that you become mad with jealousy, automatically straighten your back and stick your belly, it’s a completely natural reaction, what we want is that the rival note our presence and if you put your hand on your waist is more it obvious that you are jealous.
5. Change mood 
You can swear you’re not jealous, that girl for nothing is competition for you, much less a threat in their relationship. So why do not you tell your face, because they are all showing your desire to kill that person, it seems that you stick look and what about your voice. You’d betray!
6. Questions nonstop 
But if it seems that jealousy come with endless questions, suddenly all want to know, as you do it discreetly but you look more obvious than you think. Where you were? Who is she?Who are you talking to? She is pretty? and so you can go in the afternoon questioning your boyfriend. But of course you’re not jealous.
7. Check the phone 
Watch out! If you came to the point of waiting any moment he is distracted to take your phone and check your messages, social networks, photos, it is because your jealousy are already out of control. Do not do it! If you no longer trust your partner is better to talk, because once you check your stuff, you can no longer stop.
And you Are you jealous?