7 Simple Ways To Look Beautiful Without Using A Drop Of Makeup

While all the girls we like to wear makeup to feel more beautiful , enhance our beauty like that may not always be a good idea . Achieving a natural attraction , with a clean and healthy face, it can be even more charming to fix it superficially and with a faux finish.

If you improve the quality of your skin and you manage to feel comfortable without arrangements, you will see beautiful even when you first wake up . And you can save a lot of money and time that neither you realize that you spend only for makeup.

Pay attention to the following 7 tips to maintain a healthy face without interventions .

Worth a try.

1. Occupy facial cleansers

You must keep your face fresh and clean all traces of makeup and dirt you have on the skin.

2. Wash with facial soap every morning and night

To complete the cleaning , wash your face with facial soap, and try not to be as strong for your skin is not too dry and roughen.

3. Use face cream at the beginning and end of the day

And even more so if you actually feel your skin more dry. So the nourish and take care of over time , providing greater elasticity and firmness .

4. Do not take off so much eyebrow

The eyebrows can be a nice ornament for your face. Okay you the profiles, but you do not tweeze both . Very thin will make you look less natural.

5. Goodbye lumps and spots on the eyelashes

You do not need pint√°rtelas . You can apply a small amount of petroleum jelly on them, and will look strong and bright .

6. Moisten your lips

I do not mean that you use lipstick with colors. You can just apply yourself products you the wetted and grant you a youthful, natural look.
7. If you suffer from acne do not give up

If you follow these steps you will most likely reduce your grains and quality of your skin improves . In your case worry to use special products for oily skin and be very consistent . Facial cream should be light and not thick , or you will feel oily.

If you need to cover them , use products that you camouflaged imperfections but also the fight . If you do not, you’re just feeding your skin with fat , increasing your tendency to acne.

You see, you do not always need makeup to look beautiful. Occupies your natural resources and feel more comfortable and cute . Because there is nothing better than a woman to feel beautiful without having to add anything to his face .