7 reasons why you should lose your virginity before age 20

7 reasons why you should lose your virginity before age 20
Today there is much talk about what developed that are young for their age. And while it’s true that many things have changed, what is curious to know themselves and the opposite sex is not new, then what else could cause these “advances”?
Here we will discuss seven reasons why many girls today are looking to lose their V1RG1N1D4D before age 20, there is everything, wanting to look better, interest, safety … well, judge for yourself:
1. To change the body they
Doing so once makes them change hips and also exercise muscles that were previously abandoned half, so your body looks more attractive to the opposite sex, especially the chest and back.
2. For greater personal security and self – esteem
Doing so and have reached the 0RG4SM0 gives them more security in their person and their self-esteem, then they think they can do everything, fulfill your goals more easily.
3. To get something in return
They know it is something coveted by men, so if you are in a desperate situation, change their purity money, electronic devices, branded clothing and more.
4. make a name
If you already did and the word spreads, it will have an advantage over the rest of the girls, so it will be coveted by men but not necessarily go to bed with everyone. There will be no kid can resist.
5. Security for life
Some girls choose to lose its purity and become young mothers, believe thus guarantee a stable life as to devote to home and taking a couple who keep them, no longer you need to stay in school or work. The younger, faster, saves all that.
6. To lose weight
It is scientifically proven that the S3X0 makes us burn between 100 and 69 calories, if this is a normal meeting, about 25 minutes. If it lasts longer or is constantly repeated, the bodies of those who participate in it will lose more and more calories, resulting in marked and with curves in the right places who would not want to be the envy of the other figures?
7. For health
The S3XU4L activity can be in a better mood, adequate rest, reduce colic, regulates the menstrual cycle to a more accurate … pure profit, and that we did not mention what brings men.