7 reasons why all men masturbate before an appointment.

7 reasons why all men masturbate before an appointment.
Women, if not open – minded, better not read this note that possibly not going to like.Believe it or not, many guys masturbate before leaving for appointments Did you know?In other words, whenever a young man asks you out, surely going well relaxed, because it is just masturbate.
We know you’re dying of curiosity to know why men masturbate before an appointment. Here are the reasons Do not panic! It is more than normal and even good for you:
1. Arrive more relaxed
That is, masturbation is one of the most powerful relaxing, that’s why guys do, because there is no better solution to calm the nerves.
2. Improves concentration
It is shown that orgasm helps control stress and therefore get wet much concentration. For men this is very useful because it allows them to take control over their emotions and thoughts at the time to have that romantic date.
3. Lower the fever
Be sincere Girls Do not tell me no? When a man goes hot Do You note! That’s why the guys masturbate before going to an appointment, because that way you will not notice their tremendous desire to make things forbidden. They want to be unnoticed and why masturbate.
4. Have the attitude of someone who just had sex 
How do you feel after having sex? You do not tell me you do not feel like an unstoppable champion capable of conquering the world? Exactly for that reason is that guys masturbate before going to appointments, helping them increase self – confidence more men feel!
5. Winning endorphins and serotonin
It is scientifically proven that orgasm releases a large amount of hormones that establish and improve brain chemistry, finishing with stress, panic and anxiety.
It’s a perfect recipe for use before an appointment, because you’ll end up with all the nervousness.
6. Release hormones that cause women
Scientific studies have shown that men who ejaculate release hormones that cause women to have sex. It is a natural method of mating. The unconscious woman captures these hormones and translates as arousal.
In fact, very few men know this tool; however, they masturbate before their romantic trysts They do it by pure coincidence!
7. Hold more sex
Finally, masturbate before an appointment can be a perfect technique to endure more during sex. Men do when they want to impress the girl that will be. As they masturbated before, naturally they last longer because they are not so uncontrollably hot as ever. On the other hand, there is less chance of pregnancy, because during the second ejaculation not leave much semen; however, it is important to remember that sperm can last up to 48 hours live within a man’s urethra. If he masturbates at home and then have unprotected sex, you could cause pregnancy.
So now you know, no “cap” no party Behave bad, but beware good!