7 reasons why a man stops loving you.

7 reasons why a man stops loving you.
It is very sad but true, many times men can stop loving you and the truth is that it is not only for one thing, can be lots, but there are some that are the most common and end up completely destroying love, this is a all we fear when we are in love with that boy we consider is the love of our life.
So we tell you what those are HORRORS that you make and why you prefer beau tossing overboard and end his relationship Oush! But wait, there’s still time, read this carefully and Put on list! After putting my tips into practice you let your kid besotted Uff!
1. Have you neglected your image
You feel very confident of having it tied you’ve neglected your appearance totally, do not throw to kill Aguas! You lose they will not stop being that pretty girl he fell in love, you do not need much views or wear makeup, only maquíllate a bit and get dressed cutely. Follow my advice and you will see that he will not have eyes for anyone else.
2. insanely jealous
Do not like psycho girlfriend, if you have not given you reason to doubt he is better than sincerely trust, confidence and respect are important basis of any relationship.
3. Anda being with another
As much as it hurts to accept many men are full louts and often walk with one and another at once or even worse, that you still have not yet conquered the other girl with walking being Oush! So please list and if something seems strange keep it under review but he realizes, if the suspicion slouch then go ahead with your relationship and forget this nonsense, but if you keep watching suspicious things better talk to him and you let it clear that you will not be holding their foolishness and if not then ignore goodbye to the man.
4. very dramatic you 
Friend quiet! Do not make little theaters for anything, I know that women are a little crazy, but they hate those little scenes and while often put up usually come when he gets tired and it changes the other How strong!
5. Never want to do
Sorry girls, I agree with them, it is obvious that one of the benefits of having a girlfriend is to do “little things” then if you fail you with insurance trabajito seek another girl that if she meets, so get hands the work and claim your man.
6. You’re a stalker 
Calm, put your personal space, all we need, even you, but it you want it so much that not even let them go to the bathroom quiet! Nobody will remove it, after all he is a man and not a puppy, let out one again alone with your friends without making hot dogs. Do what you say and see that he presumed you with all your friends as the best girlfriend in the world and will miss more time with you.
7.  You’re a glib
Aja as you hear or maybe You think you’re the only one who can give you sweetie? Do not go flirtatious with other boys and showing photos enseñadoras on social networks, sooner or later he will get tired of fighting you out of jealousy, so better put the batteries a girl “seriecita” can download it. Date to respect and see that your kid will love you for that.