7 Best S*X Positions For Every Couple

Let ‘s be honest, most of the notes and articles we read on the internet, show se*ual positions that can only make those thin and slender people, but what about the fatties?Of those romantic and raunchy enjoyed both eating and catching . For all those plump people, we have this note.
Here are some se*ual positions that will give much pleasure if you are overweight:
1. “The cowgirl”
Regardless of weight or size to have you and your girlfriend, this position may reach a deep and pleasurable penetration. Best of all is that the weight of your girl, help increase the pressure on parts, causing more pleasure and greater friction. Undoubtedly, this is one of the best positions for all the fatties.
2. “Romantic”
Surely, when one is looking pudgy what more it is comfort. That’s why this position is super used by lovers who are a little weight uploaded.
They face to face, naked and start touching their bodies with great passion and devotion will be placed. It is perfect to begin with foreplay. Wanking also is a good choice.
3. “Russian”
Usually women have a very considerable advantage and valued by all men have a great pair of breasts.
If that is the case, this se*ual practice will be perfect for you to give pleasure to your boyfriend. You take to the sky while mastu*bate using only your breasts.
Put his pen*s between your breasts and start doing what you already know. Your boyfriend will be the happiest man in the world.
4. Oral Se*
Now it’s time for men to give pleasure to their wives and oral se* is an excellent choice.Regardless of weight or size of the couple, this se*ual practice is extremely useful and enjoyable for all lovers. So now you know champion, throw yourself on the floor and give your wife a long session of oral se*.
5. “Clothes” 
Undoubtedly, this position is one where you do better lovers overweight, because the position of the girl helps the man to achieve a deep pen*tration.
If the practice of kneeling, comfort allow them to use it for long, because it is not tired.Surely you knew, because this position is the favorite of most.
6. “Missionary with feet up”
This is one of the most romantic positions that chubby lovers can use. In pleasure feel you are unmatched. The advantage is that in this pose, the weight of the man acts in his favor, because it helps generate more pressure and friction, increasing sensations during pen*tration.
7. “The Secret”
It is called that way because it seems that man is heard talking to the woman. This is the position that best accommodates chubby lovers, it is very comfortable and does not involve a lot of energy. Best of all is that it is super pleasant and romantic, may do so for hours, unfinished exhausted. They will remember a fantastic s*x life.