6 videos virtual reality that will make you die of fright. And they are free!

6 videos virtual reality that will make you die of fright. And they are free!

Those who are horror fans know that new devices help us live more realistically fear. Do you remember when you encerrabas before your brothers to watch scary movies in a dark room?

That scared us a lot, but today these devices is to use virtual reality video with 360, we are part of the plot to feel the adrenaline rush of horror.  Do not believe me? Then dare to look at these 6 videos:

1. Ghosts around you

Do you believe in ghosts? This virtual reality video will make you think that maybe we’re not as alone as we believe that these sounds we heard at night were not caused by the wind …

2. 3:00 a.m.

Many times I woke up because I felt someone watching me, but when I open my eyes everything looks ordinary. Did you been the same? But I do not want to imagine if the opposite and I meet with that girl in the video.

3. Remember to Slender Man?

We met in the CREEPYPASTA and we see it in every internet orinarnos makes us fear. At least to me yes, I admit. But can you imagine if you had in front of you? If you’re so brave it and you dare to see the video …

4. Sorcery 360 °

Pretty it scared us The Sorcery  in the past and its protagonists continue to give us nightmares. Now you can be part of history and feel the fear almost alive. Do you dare to give it click?

5. Do you dare to go through the door?

Beware of your surroundings, because when you least expect it , you can take the shock of your life.This experience 360 ° of the film  The Door is not suitable for heart!

6. HELP!

This is the scariest thing you’ll see in a long time. I am not responsible for the screams and nightmares you may have. Do you dare to fall into the hands of a mad scientist?

You saw them at 360 °?

With  Kellogg’s Krave Tresor ‘  you can do it!

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* To participate buy a promotional package and enter the Code Horror code printed on the back of the package between 9:00 and 21:00 (CET) in www.chocovore.com where you ‘ll find the complete terms and conditions. 18+. Validity: 10/03/16 to 07/03/17. There are 1297 (awards) for Spain and Portugal, 1 hour each day until 03/01/17. As of 01/04/17, 1 Award per day until 03/07/17. The winner is the first participant to meet the challenge every hour or day (depending on the promotional period). Maximum of 3 entries per person / day. The total maximum limit is 5 awards / person. All images are provided for illustrative purposes only. Smartphone and application / virtual reality game not included. Prolonged use of the prize may cause dizziness in some people. Make sure you are in a safe environment when using it.