6 tips to blur and crack your life

When you want to make totally serious changes in your life and want to rewrite history, you first have to cleanse what is no longer useful, on the physical and spiritual planes. Accumulating things of the past makes again and again you make you follow the same patterns and life will look like a déjà vu; But it also gives the impression that there are people who are achieving more than you.

For a deep cleaning of your life, you have to review past, present and future, and disappear the dump that is in your interior and in your environment. To do this, you can follow these 6 tips that will help you to that fresh and totally different restart.

1. Get rid of the trash

Start at your house; Strip, give or donate things you do not need, without leaving it as pending for one of these days. The clothes you do not wear, kitchen utensils that you did not remove from your box, things that are broken, etc.

The more things you find, the better for you. But do not do it thinking about occupying those spaces in a later form with more things that simply will not serve you. And do not settle for just cleaning the house, think of your office, the car or any space where you can have things, even at your parents’ house, friends or boyfriend.

2. Delete files
Delete files

Yes, you also have to clean your computer hard drive, cell phone, tablet or any other device or accounts where you have stored things that you do not even remember that they exist. It does not matter that you have free space, it is a question of cleaning up and releasing weight. Leave only what you like or that represents some emotional value for you.

3. Put order

In your home, your office or in any space related to you, establish a harmonious order, so that each thing has its place and is easier to find.

4. Filter the information

The information tends to accumulate and is not removed from our subconscious, so we have to filter it well. Just let enter what represents some value or new knowledge useful for your life and ignore gossip.

5. Do not leave slopes

Finish what you have pending or if there is something that you can not do flat, better leave it for peace; So you can move forward and not feel that you are dragging things and do not let you do new projects.

6. Check your “friends”

As part of the cleaning process, check out the list of people you know who are just that or who actually represent a friendship. It’s not about having hundreds of “friends” on social networks or on the cell phone and just being there because they added you; Stay with people you know and do not undermine your personal development.