6 New Tips for Clash of Clans Farming in 2016

6 New Tips for Clash of Clans Farming in 2016

On the off chance that you’ve been far from Clash of Clans for some time and chose to blow the tidy of your adored Town Hall, you may feel like a little overpowered. The late December Patch rolled out tremendous improvements to the adjust of the diversion, particularly protectively, and what used to be a viable Clash of Clans cultivating technique may now be totally useless. In this article we’ll separate some cultivating tips that exploit the late changes, and we’ll likewise highlight some base guard methodologies that you’ll need to remember to secure your own assets.

CoC TH 11

Cultivating Tip #1: Move that Town Hall In!

Uncovering TH is presently vigorously punished. In the event that your assailant does under 30% harm OR uses under 33% of their troops, they can acheive a 1 star triumph despite the fact that you won’t get a shield. This implies you can get hit with many consecutive attacks before somebody pounds you sufficiently hard to get you a shield, and all that well deserved plunder will go to different Chieftains. To make an already difficult situation even worse, your TH now holds a lot of plunder so you are doubly incented to keep it ensured. This is most likely what SuperCell constantly proposed, yet they’ve at last discovered a few mechanics to place it into compel. The time has come Chief – MOVE IN YOUR TOWN HALL!

Conflict of Clans Hog Riders

Cultivating Tip #2: Hunt Big Game

Class rewards make more justified, despite all the trouble than any other time in recent memory to move in rank while cultivating. Given that you need to find a way to secure your Town Hall as of now, you will acquire trophies protectively than you may anticipate. Work this further bolstering your good fortune, and attempt to push up a couple of levels from your more agreeable old cultivating grounds. At TH9 I discovered I could push to Masters and even Champions – something I would not have expected was ever inside my scope. At those more elevated amounts, pulling in 200-300k Gold/Elixir and 2500+ Dark Elixir for each battle is basic (particularly while considering the group reward). As far as I can tell it now demonstrates a more solid approach to pull in enormous additions than trolling the lower alliances in the trusts of discovering deserted or surged bases in my range.

CoC Shield

Cultivating Tip #3: Maximize Shield and Guard Value

The new Shield and Guard framework is another way that SuperCell has attempted to shake things up. Rather than promptly losing a Shield, you can now assault and keep your Shield dynamic for the cost of couple of hours of security. You can likewise assault a boundless sum once you get down to the last piece of assurance called “Watch”. There are different nuanced ways you can plan assaults to exploit this repairman, yet I find that by and large its great to dependably be assaulting. With League rewards you ought to hit rivals for near the asset top each time you win, however troop expenses will counterbalance that somewhat. Still, in the event that you are fortunate one assault ought to about balance what you’ll assume from a misfortune, and the Shield workman permits you to get 3 and some of the time even 4 assaults before it completly runs out in the event that you are fixating and constantly prepared when troop and spell preparing complete. Get those assaults in, and you’ll continue gaining cultivating ground toward your next huge update.

Expert Tip Even if an assault costs you more than your residual Shield time, despite everything you’ll get the full Guard time after that battle – so get one in just before the ringer.

Star Tip “Nexting” does not eat time on your Shield, so in the event that you don’t see anything you like, you can safeguard of matchmaking and not lose at whatever time. This implies you can be exceptionally critical about who you assault.


Farming Tip #4: Leverage the Treasury
The new Treasury is hands down the safest way to store mass quanities of resources. Clan level unlocks that expand its capacity make it even better. The loot available to attackers in the Treasury is a flat 3%, regardless of how much you have or what your attackers level is. At higher Clan Castle levels you can store millions of Gold/Elixir and 10k+ of Dark Elixir, and even when your base is wiped you lose only the tiniest fraction. As you grind to save for those expensive upgrades, leave your resources in the Treasury until it is absolutely full.

CoC Sly Wizard
Farming Tip #5: Remember The Old Ways
One of the few farming tips that still applies from the pre-December 2015 era, is that it is still not a good idea to have huge quantities of all 3 resources. If anything, this has become even more the case because big fish will be swimming in your league at all times and it is much harder to get a cheap shield and hide from them. The more full your coffers get, the more of a target you become for a 100% from one of the big boys. Try to keep at least one resource low, and ideally two if you can manage it. That way at least some of the toughest attackers may seek juicer prey and if you are lucky a plucky minnow might bash his face on your defenses without taking to much of your candy.

Pro Tip Just like always, it is still a good idea to move your storages around to protect your most precious resources. Bury the good stuff deep, Chief.

Pro Tip You can shape your resource pools somewhat by altering your farming troop loadout. When you are farming Elixir, lean on some of those expensive DE troops to keep your DE total low. When farming DE, take some Dragons and PEKKAs out to play.

CoC Gold

Farming Tip #6: Always Get Your Star Bonus and Loot Cart
After the Big Bang December patch, SuperCell bided their time and kept us happy for about a month with collector boosts – but when that was over they revealed another trick up their sleeve. In a follow up January patch, SuperCell introduced “Star Bonuses” for accumlating wins each day, and a Loot Cart to recoup 20% of the losses from those evil Chieftain that think this game is about taking YOUR hard earned loot. This is a further step in the direction of “attack-based” farming. Losses hurt a little less as long as you are active enough to pick up your loot cart every 12-16 hours, and the Star Bonus makes it very worthwhile to shoot for 2-3 wins per day. When you are farming, even a low loot base is worthwhile to attack if you can score some stars towards your Star Bonus.

Pro Tip Grab the Loot Cart as soon as you see it. If you get attacked more than once before you claim it, only the 20% of the loot from the last attack will be saved.

Pro Tip The Star Bonus can only be received “once per day”, but it seems it is on some type of 24 hour rolling timer. As such, you can sometimes become eligible for it again very shortly after you got it the last time if you sometimes take more than a day to get it. You can tell whether you are eligible by looking for the “empty” star indicators above the “Attack” button. If no “empty” stars are present, you are currently on cool down and need to wait.

Time to Get Farming
Clash of Clans Farming is definitely a whole different ball game since the December patch, but there is still plenty of opportunity to loot and pillage. Use these tips and you’ll be raking in resources and starting the big upgrades in no time! See any tips we missed? Leave a comment below and let us know!