6 great differences between romance and true love

6 great differences between romance and true love

You like someone is not the same as loving someone. You feel like a person does not mean that love goes beyond, it requires that accept it as it is, even if you are wearing pajamas or are sick. The passion and desire only cares about the physical and and lust and, of course, is not the same as being really in love with someone.

The artist Karina Farek proves it to perfection in a series of illustrations that reflect the major differences between a romance with desire and love of truth. The images perfectly describe the small details that differentiate the desire of love. Surely you feel identified.

1. When true love, and not just desire, you laugh until unbeknownst

Karina Farek

2. You learn to see the beauty of your partner in the simplest things

Karina Farek

3. And to know details or your partner has told you, and that can be very simple

Karina Farek

4. You learn to re sort things out and understand that it is not just sex

Karina Farek

5. You like panoramas that those couples who just want to find boring

Karina Farek

6. And are together even in the hardest moments


Because love is not the same as the desire ! It’s much better!

And you, did you feel identified with artwork?