5 Tips to implement self-care

Did you know that there is something called Theory of Self – Care ? That’s right , and suggests that people practice activities to keep your life, health and wellness. While it is easy tooverwhelm a society in constant motion and demands, we can always decide how to live and promote a comprehensive care that help us to have a healthy life.

We usually go to the doctor when we discomfort. It examines, conducts tests, gives the diagnosis and went home with our prescription and not to return until the next time it is needed.I’m right? For self – care work our welfare and tells us not to expect to get bad, suggests that incorporate healthy habits to avoid as much as possible having to go to the doctor and even automedicarnos. It is something like:  better safe than sorry . Other changes that self tells us to do in our life have to do with:

1. Watch what you eat

Eat Healthy

The proper functioning of the brain depends on the nutrients it receives. Certain foods induce or reduce our performance. Therefore, we recommend that you become aware of what you eat and how you eat. We are fortunate to have as varied and healthy food.

2. Be available and improve your attitude

Get up

The attitude with which you start the day and how you face it affects the experiences that you develop. All had bad moments in life, but try to see the positive to the negative side. This will help keep your healthy and balanced mind and your body, because it has been shown that stress and negative thoughts influence our physical health, reaching contribute to the development of diseases.

3. Abandon or moderates

Woman with beer and alcohol use

Throughout our life we have acquired habits that help us relieve stress or simply to live with other people. The problem comes when those habits become excessive and even destructive, so in the case of alcohol consumption do not take it to the extreme. That will help your body and your mind will not deteriorate faster. Same with the snuff, with sugary drinks and other substances which become harmful.

4. Interact with your emotions

girl stressed

Fear, anxiety, anger, sadness, love, guilt, uncertainty … We are inevitably vulnerable to experiencing each of these emotions at some point in our lives. Instead of trying to control them, socialize with them and try to understand why you are experiencing. Many times trying to get rid of them do us more harm than living them as they arrive.

5. Actívate

woman running

We are body and mind, and if you already started to modify your diet and take away those bad habits that ultimately affect your body, we will help you with some physical activity as a whole detoxification process. The exercise you perform adapt it to your age, condition, availability, tastes, and so on.

Yes, all this may seem boring and even limiting, but remember that if you do not take care, who will do it for you?