5 Things You Did not Know About Dogs

5 Things You Did not Know About Dogs

The dog is man’s best friend and scientists claim that this alliance has existed for over 15,000 years. Perhaps that is why we think we know a lot about them, but is it really so? Today I will show you 5 things you did not know about dogs .

5. The Border Collie is the smartest dog

According to a scientific study conducted in 2009 and in charge of Stanley Coren, a neuropsychologist and professor of psychology at the University of British Columbia, the intelligence of dogs can be compared well with that of a child of two years, as they are equivalent. In addition, the same study indicates that race Border Colli and has the most intelligent specimens of this species, with some who can understand and interpret up to 200 different words.

5 races smarter dogs are poodles, German shepherds, golden retrievers and Dobermans. On the other hand, we have the hunting dogs like bulldogs and small type dogs Beagle (Snoopy race), which would be less enlightened, slower boys in the class. Dr. Coren explains that a lot has to do with this that formerlydogs were domesticated and trained especially for hunting and war, but more to our days, trained them for companionship and sociability, which It gives them the ability to do more sofiticado and developed their brains.

4. mammals are most diverse in the world

It is estimated that today, the world population of this fascinating subspecies of wolves over 400 million and from a Chihuahua size of a teacup to a big giant Dane or a beautiful Siberian, the variety of dog breeds is so wide and varied as that of any other mammal on Earth. This variety in coat, size, bone structure and functioning, is truly amazing, inspiring several investigations and theories.

In 2010, the journal The American Naturalist published a study in which it was held that within the species there are many differences between races that perfectly could for example say that the skull of a Collie is so different from a Pekinese as a cat compared to a walrus. This diversity makes the dogs are very useful for understanding more about how genes work .

3. They can sniff out and catch our diseases

There have always been many myths about the capabilities of our dear friends around their smell and their capabilities, somehow realize that something in us is wrong. Today we know that many of these myths are true. If you’re sick, youhad cancer, epilepsy or diabetes, your four – legged friend would be the first to know. Of course, how? Although scientists do not know the exact reason, they assume that the sophisticated smell of dogs is so developed that can detect even the strange and faint scent that emerges from the damaged cells, as well as changes and fluctuations in blood sugar.

The most amazing is the case of some dogs have even been able to detect a seizure 45 minutes before it happens. All this was observed in a study developed by the American Urological Association, together with a group of doctors and researchers at the Hospital Tenon, Paris. Where it showed as dogs were able to detect and react differently compared to patients with cancer of the lung, breast, bladder and prostate, as well as diabetes with blood sugar spikes and epileptic about a crisis. Above all, it is also known that many of these diseases can and can often become infected by 6 million cases of cancer in dogs each year in theUS alone are diagnosed. Many other diseases and disorders also appear to be shared by the owner and the pet.

2. They feel envy, but can not feel guilty

Envy and guilt sound like something too messy if we talk about canids, sounds too human, however, a study published 5 years ago by the journal Proceedingsof the National Academy of Sciences , said that dogs can feel jealousy or something very similar. The study was to observe the behavior of the dogs while they are well rewarded when performing a trick. Thus it was recorded that dogsthat did not receive a reward showed angry, agitated, repeatedly scratched and even seemed that would avoid the gaze of those who had received reward. Also, if they were alone, they did the trick with greater confidence than if you were in a group. Various theories were developed about it , but investigators were formed to solve at least now we know that envy is not just a matter of primates.

But what if you can not feel the dogs fault is it and when your furry friend looks at you with those puppy dog eyes as he retas break the cushion or throw the trash for the fifteenth consecutive time, there is zero fault, he is only responding your reproach. Unlike what happens with the “envy” which is more related to competition and the natural instinct of the animal, because it is a purely human invention that has to do with consciousness, which also makes us look or misinterpret the gestures of many other species of animals, as well as creates the false myth of guilt in dogs .

1. Our friendship is stronger than you think

At the beginning we mentioned that the man and the dog had a strong friendship dating back more than 15,000 years and is estimated between 14,000 to 17,000 years. Throughout history, these beings were considered sacred by many cultures, appearing in folklore, legends and mythology of different ancient civilizations. For example, the embalmers of ancient Egypt representing many of their gods with dog head, in the mythology of Ancient Greece , the keeper (a giant dog 3 heads) is listed as the unsurpassed guardian of the underworld, in the folklore of the Empire Maya believed that the dog was the sacred animal responsible for guiding spirit to the afterlife and among many others, in Nepal, until today held a special day for dogs, in which these sacred beings is graced with colorful necklaces and huge plates of food .

Today, many of us consider them as a member of the family and has been scientifically proven that dogs have real benefits in our lives . For example in health, knowing that those who have dogs at home have better health conditions, improving heart function, being helpful in problems of socialization and of course, people making us all happier .

Very interesting! Do not you believe it? What did you think here? What’s your opinion about it? Do you have dogs at home?