5 signs that you are not eating enough protein

5 signs that you are not eating enough protein

Sometimes we feel tired and chalked it up to sleep, or perhaps do not have forces like any other day.But I tell you : it does not always have to do with our exhausting routine, if not the diet that we carry.And most of the time: the amount of protein you eat daily. So watch for those who feel identified with these situations, start thinking about what they’re not doing well.

1. Fatigue

If you feel more tired than usual, not because of your work. In general , the lack of protein in the diet, which are those that give us calories and these energy, are to blame that we are wanting to go to bed all day. By every kilo of weight, you need 0.7 grams protein. Everything depends, also of physical activity you do, or do not make any clear.

2. Weakness hair and skin

When you fall hair more than normal, start eating more meat. The stark truth is that the follicles that hold the hair on your head, have protein and lack of them can not do their homework. ‘Even your skin and nails can suffer !!

3. Loss of muscle mass

Another symptom is when your muscles are not what they were and you can not perform the same activities as before. This is because you need more than what you have already appointed enough: proteins. Also , if you do not care your diet, you will come more than a cramp in the day. And nobody wants those more than necessary, right?

4. sick more often

Fighting antibodies our diseases themselves, they are protein structures and for that they need foods like soy. If you do not, you will fall in your bed more than ever.

5. Gases and stomach aches

Feeling a little more swollen than usual is also a symptom. Release more than one gas and stomach pain or cramps will not leave until you have a proper diet.

Information article published by BBC .

Follow these tips and you will feel much better!