5 Signals that will help you identify if you have Deficit Disorder Adult Care

In a world in which the stimuli are everywhere, staying focused is not easy, but there is a big difference between being distracted and have a condition. It is very common when talking of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), the first image that comes to mind is that of a group of small running everywhere, unable to sit still for a few minutes. We now know that adults can also suffer from ADHD.

As there is no quick to diagnose test, many adult women without knowing who suffer live, as reflected a study conducted in 2012. Only 10% of adults whose symptoms coincided with ADHD were diagnosed and received treatment. Against this background, how do you know if it’s just distraction, stress or there is a risk that you have this condition? Read.

1. Problems to complete projects

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They are experts in procastinar. The chief says his only job today will bring order to your files.Anyone can make as simple as this task in a short time, but for someone with ADHD is a charge that can take hours, even days, because anything is distractors that can deter them from their goal. They also have trouble remembering where they leave their keys, cell phones or wallets.

2. Conflict in relationships

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Adults with ADHD are not intended to be complicated, but often have trouble hearing, fulfill their commitments and even be organized. The most common cause impression on your partner and loved ones are being loose or careless people, and for them is a conflict they do not understand why cause an upset in the other.

3. Always “different” felt

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Most people with ADHD showed signs of this condition since childhood, and had behavioral problems throughout life, but perhaps were not so obvious as to make a diagnosis. And as time passes, looking for ways to keep symptoms under control, becoming perfectionists and working more than usual.

4. Emotions Exalted

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People with this condition also have trouble controlling their emotions; burst easily through minimal problems are intolerant to frustration and very irritable. Usually the anger disappears as quickly as it was presented, but the damage remains.

5. Have other mental illnesses

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A study by researchers from Toronto, Canada, found that a third of women diagnosed with ADHD also had anxiety disorders, depression and at least half ever seriously considered suicide.When you do not have a diagnosis, sufferers often have feelings of frustration and low self-esteem. With proper treatment, patients show considerable improvement.